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The World of Ether V1 launch date has been announced! The highly anticipated crypto collectible game built on the Ethereum blockchain is already generating excitement. The team behind WoE has expressed their priority of making sure their Smart Contracts and user interface is well tested before the game is actually released to the public. To ensure this, they will host 3 various launches leading up to the main net launch. The first World of Ether launch, an exclusive Alpha, will be released on March 28th to a maximum of 50 vetted participants. The WoE team is anticipating this to be a bit buggy, but in terms of game mechanics and UX is set to be close to the full version of the game. The team has stated that this version is only open to 50 people so that quality feedback is received and undisclosed features of the game are kept secret until main launch. >> World of Ether Game Details There are still openings for this test but you must email the following to
  • Name;
  • Experience and Credentials;
  • Proof of said credentials.
After the Alpha test, the team will be holding a public Bug Bounty with ‘sizeable’ rewards of ETH and monster eggs. The date will be announced shortly, but anybody is able to participate. The bug bounty will be for the game’s smart contracts, so that they are more specifically tested and combed over. In order to participate in the Bug Bounty, join the WoE newsletter here to receive updates. The team has stated that they want their full game to be “flawless,” and these rigorous tests and various versions are the way they intend on achieving this. >> World of Ether CEO Interview The third World of Ether launch test, the Beta, will follow the Alpha. Like the Alpha, it will also be on the Rinkeby Test Network, using test net Ether. The Beta is semi-private and will only be available to those with presale eggs. It will also contain the full World of Ether game. The dev team behind the project expects the Beta to be much shorter than the Alpha, due to many of the bugs already being corrected. If you have yet to purchase an egg in the presale and would like to participate in the Beta, you can do so here. You will need either the MetaMask plugin for desktop or the Toshi app for mobile to access this page, as it interfaces directly with the Ethereum blockchain.

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More details of the Main Net’s launch date and the game’s bonus features are anticipated to be dripped out in the weeks to come. As of now, some of the biggest influencers in the space are awaiting this game, with, I’m told, many big names participating in the Alpha and Beta. If you qualify to participate in the World of Ether Alpha or Beta, you will need test net Ether, essentially “play money.” You can learn how to get Test Net Ether here. World of Ether’s Telegram group was buzzing with excitement when this roadmap was released, and the hype looks like it is unrelenting.

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A few weeks ago World of Ether had its biggest whale in terms of ETH spent. Some buyer spent around $40,000 on presale eggs, first spending $20,000 and then coming back days later to double his/her purchase.

Source: WorldofEther

The World of Ether egg presale has an interesting pricing dynamic. The first egg sold was .00035 ETH. With each egg sold, the price of eggs rises by another .00035 ETH. At press time, the team has currently sold 1887 eggs, the current going price of an egg selling at 0.660 ETH. When the full version of the game is launched, egg sales will be increased by 15%, in order to encourage new players to purchase other players’ monsters from the marketplace instead of just buying eggs. You can view more detailed content on World of Ether here, or join their Telegram channel to participate in discussions.   Featured Image: WorldofEther

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