UnicornGO: the Next Pokémon GO?

For all you unicorn lovers, there's a new crypto game out that's all about unicorns and it's called UnicornGO. UnicornGO is combining the decentralizing forces of the blockchain with augmented reality. One day, you might even be able to control your virtual unicorn buddy with your mind. The premise is to collect unicorns, plots of land, and candies. Unicorns can be bred, they can fight each other, they can be bought and sold, and they can be given away as gifts. Each unicorn is set with traits that determine their assets, characteristics, and appearance. When unicorns breed, the baby unicorn will inherit a combination of its parents' traits, or genetics. Players will also be able to get unicorn enhancements, such as clothes, land, and houses. Then there are the magic trees. The trees' "fruit" is candy, which acts as health for the unicorns (naturally). UnicornGO will also be incorporating its own token, the Candy Coin, into the game, presumably for making all unicorn-related purchases. >> Fishbank crypto game launches on Ethereum mainnet

Is UnicornGo The Next Pokémon GO?

UnicornGO's gameplay features similar functions as Pokémon GO. Besides getting to catch Pokémon, one of the coolest aspects of the Pokémon GO game was getting to catch Pokémon in real life, or, as close to real life as we could get. UnicornGO is looking to do something similar. By incorporating augmented reality, unicorns will become a part of our world. Sound vague? That's because it is. The game's whitepaper doesn't go into much detail about what the AR will consist of or how it will be incorporated. Nor has a further explanation yet been given to the ominous sentence "We create a game world featuring augmented reality and control of the character by the power of the mind (4th stage)." Mind control? But how? We may have to wait until the fourth quarter of 2018 to find out. This is when, according to the game's roadmap, "Testing of the Neuro Interface System" is set to begin. The only other tidbit of information we have is that the task of controlling the unicorns with mindpower has been given to UnicornGO's partner, called BasisNeuro. UnicornGO takes things a little further than the average catch 'em all vibe. It also features genetic breeding. After the starter unicorns are sold and dispersed, the only way for new unicorns to come about is through breeding. Breeding will be able to produce all sorts of new unicorns - but be careful. "If two unicorns with the same genomes copulate, deviations are possible," claims the UnicornGO whitepaper. That means, your brand new baby unicorn might be born without a leg. Three deviations in one unicorn mean that unicorn loses its ability to breed. For more information about the game's features, you can check out the whitepaper. >> Gaming and blockchain join forces with Ethereum

Better than CryptoKitties?

CryptoKitties was the first big game to take off on blockchain - but that doesn't mean it's the best. One of its issues, according to UnicornGO, was the unlimited breeding of the Kitties. UnicornGO thinks it can resolve this by the use of its gene-based breeding system which will be run off its Candy token. The other issue UnicornGO is hoping to resolve is CryptoKitties' limited use of the blockchain. UnicornGO wants to fully implement smart contracts into all aspects of gameplay, making it a truly decentralized game. UnicornGO admits they won't be without their own limitations. There are still limitations on the transaction speed of the Ethereum network, as well as high transaction fees associated it. In the future, UnicornGO hopes to become a mobile app. The plan then will be to shift the game onto a popular blockchain with zero transactions. That's the future, though, so it's difficult to say when and if this will actually happen or whether it will have a positive benefit on the game. >> TRON Dogs vs. CryptoKitties UnicornGO is looking to do a lot of things, and some of the most intriguing aspects of the gameplay have yet to be fully explained. Will UnicornGO be able to follow-through on its promises? Will unicorns be the future of gaming? Featured image: Medium

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