Tron (TRX) Dogs Breeding Launches – Puppy Madness Unleashes!

Tron (TRX) Dogs

The long-awaited feature on Tron (TRX) dogs – Tron dogs breeding, has officially launched!’s CEO announced the upgrade on March 8th via Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR). Without giving a clear date, many Tron dog players then asked him for an official launch date with his response hours later being, this month“. However, the beta was officially launched within just two days of the announcement.

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Pet breeding rules were just announced and a new take on who gets to keep the offspring has just been released. With Cryptokitties, if you paid to breed your kitty with someone else’s you kept the offspring. With Tron Dogs, you post a breed ad and when the pets breed an offspring, both parties must compete in a three-round ‘Rock, Paper Scissors’ battle. The winner of the round gets to keep the offspring but both parties will receive a random portion of GTC. They established an interactive take to the breeding process.

Tron Dogs Breeding

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Source: Twitter

Each puppy bred is randomized and holds a certain level of Rarity. Tron Dog gamers are ecstatic about the new dogs that can be bred and those losing Rock Paper Scissors battles don’t seem to be complaining at all. You can see the new pups and their rarity level below.

Tron Dogs Breeding

Source: Twitter

TRX’s price saw a dip on the 8th and saw no significant price increase upon launch of the Tron Dogs breeding. The official announcement of the game caused the price of the coin to rise but since has not caused significant jumps in its price. However, as news breaks of this new update, I could see it rise as gamers are now able to do something with their dogs.

TRX is currently trading at $0.0359 a coin, down -6.09%, in 24 hours.

Have you won a legendary or epic Tron pup yet? What’s your new favorite? Mine is the Super Saiyan Goku pup.

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Featured Image: Twitter

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