TRON (TRX) Dogs Mobile, Update

Update: February 17th, 2018 >> Tron Update March 1's CEO, Xu Le, tweeted big news just 13 hours ago, in regards to updates to Tron Dogs. Pet store owners will now be cumulatively ranked and also ranked on top sales! The team will be donating at least 1 million TRX to this event. Many Tron dogs pet store owners have commented on the post extremely excited about this new update to the game. Breeding is still unavailable on Tron Dogs though. It remains still unclear when this feature will be made available to the public but it is anticipated soon. Currently, TRX is trading at $0.05 a coin, up 7.79%, in 24 hours. Originally Posted: February 9th, 2018 Tron Dogs mobile was just launched today and the Tron dogs community is going crazy. It was announced last week, that the mobile version would launch on the 10th of this month but it seems the launch is out a day early. Around the time that it was announced that the mobile version was close to launching, the CEO of announced even bigger news in store for the game. He mentioned that you will be able to "design your dog." What this actually means remains completely unclear but it is good news for those who have already purchased Tron Dogs. The more functionality of the game, the more users will want to play. From last week alone, the Tron Dogs Telegram community has grown by 100 members. >> Crypto Olympics Day 1 Tron (TRX) The initial launch of Tron Dogs and the launch of the game's English version in the past hadn't had any positive effects on TRX's price. However, it seems that today it has had an extremely positive effect on its price. It makes sense as most individuals nowadays use their phone for everything and now they can easily purchase Tron Dogs. Currently, the coin is making a strong climb selling at $0.046 a coin, up 26.66%, in 24 hours. There is still zero trading on Binance, even though the exchange's upgrades were launched today and it went back online. Most of the TRX traded today was on Huobi and Coinnest. >> Tron Dogs English Launch Tron Updates Two days ago, Tron's founder, Justin Sun, tweeted about an award the Tron Foundation received from the Chinese Government. The award signifies the government's support of Tron and the technology it hopes to build. What makes this such a big deal is that China just recently banned both foreign and domestic cryptocurrency websites. They blocked access to these websites via their country-wide firewall. China's hope is to eliminate the fraud that is occurring while using cryptocurrency. However, with this new award, China's further regulations on cryptocurrency shouldn't affect its price in the future. >> Tron Updates Featured Image: Twitter

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