Tron (TRX) Dogs vs. CryptoKitties

Tron Dogs vs CryptoKitties

Tron Dogs vs CryptoKitties! Are you a dog or cat lover?

Cryptokitties took the crypto world by storm towards the end of November and brought in $3 million USD within the first week of launch. Since then, many other crypto games have emerged that give the first decentralized application a run for its money. Tron Dogs has taken over recently, built by, it is run on the Ethereum network. Tron dogs is geared towards the Tron community as users must have TRX to play the game. Both games encompass crypto collectible pets that players can breed in hopes to create “unique” and valuable off-spring. Let’s dive into their intricacies.


Back in the first week of December, CryptoKitties took the world by storm bringing in $3 million USD within the first week. However, it did have its share of complications. At one point, the game became so popular it began taking up nearly a third of Ethereum’s total hashing power. The issue was that Ethereum was not equipped to handle the influx of transactions and at one point had a backlog of 20,000 transactions. ANY move made within the game is individually documented, and this was driving up the log of transactions that the ethereum blockchain was not ready to handle. The game launched before ethereum’s scalability issue was resolved, and as a result, has simmered in popularity exponentially.

You could say that CryptoKitties sparked the interest of many artists and now, many different types of games are emerging and being built on the blockchain. In total, CryptoKitties made a total of 326,733 sales and made a total of $23,069,950.15 in revenue. The most expensive Kitty was sold back on December 6th, for $110,707 USD, and is now worth $152,002 USD.

The entire premise of the game is to purchase and collect these digital cats and breed them with other people in hopes of breeding a “rare” kitty, to potentially sell for profit. You cannot change or alter the look of your cat and the individuals playing the game determine the unique cattributes of the digital pets.

The latest news to break from Axoim Zen, the startup that designed CryptoKitties, is that the game was making its way into China. The game was launched in English originally, and its team is centered in North America.

>> CryptoKitties Breaks Into China

Tron Dogs

Tron Dogs is very similar to CryptoKitties except it first launched in Asia, and a few weeks later released an English Version. It was launched and made by, and has no direct affiliation with the Tron Foundation except for Justin Sun – Tron’s Founder sits on the advisory board of the company. Tron Dogs is run on the Ethereum blockchain, as a decentralized application, similar to CryptoKitties. The game was launched a bit premature, as it lacked key features of the game that CryptoKitties held at its launch. To buy these digital dogs you must buy them from “pet stores” that other players run. Players are able to purchase their own store for 20,000 TRX but the game has a limit of 10,000 pet stores in total, across all languages.

Although, Tron dogs were and are still selling for 200TRX, which at the time of launch only came to about $18 USD, a dog. It was far cheaper than a CryptoKitty making it somewhat acceptable for the game to have zero functions at launch. However, there were numerous reports and complaints from players that their Tron Dogs were ‘dying’ because players weren’t “looking after them”, costing players more money – still not enough to get super upset over.

It took the team at about four weeks to launch an English version. They had issues with the website the day they decided to launch so had to take it down for a few days but finally, they launched the full version, and before any features were added they released their mobile version. Just this past week, breeding was added to the features of the game and the Tron dogs community was ecstatic. Upon unveiling the latest breeding feature the team at unveiled new dogs that can be obtained in the breeding process.

At one point it was announced that down the road you might have the option to change what your Tron Dog was wearing, that has yet to be mentioned again. The Tron dogs community is currently buzzing with its new added features and new cool dogs such as Super Sayian, Cleopatra, and Black Panther pup.

>> Tron Dogs – Puppy Madness

The Shakedown

Both Tron Dogs and CryptoKitties are crypto collectible games in which you breed your digital pets in hopes to receive a “rare” offspring that you can sell. CryptoKitties launched with all its features but was ultimately halted due to the underlying blockchain incapable of handling the mass traffic of the game. It can be said that Tron Dogs was launched prematurely too; lacking key features but for now, it is still going on strong especially with the reveal of its breeding and new dogs. Both games are targeted towards a specific audience that wants to keep and nurture a digital pet, similar to Neopets, except you can make money off of them.

What they both lack… is game depth.

New Generation Blockchain Games

So while Tron Dogs vs CryptoKitties may be an interesting battle, it is only the beginning of a much bigger playing field. Many creative groups have been designing games that have much more character depth and game functions such as battles, similar to that of games played on video game consoles. Each new game has their own concepts, designs, and storylines. Blockchain-based games are blowing up in the blockchain community, and pretty soon it will be its own sector within the billion-dollar video game industry.

Here are two new games that are making a name for themselves that may soon pass both CryptoKitties and Tron Dogs.

>> World of Ether

Tron Dogs vs CryptoKitties

Source: WorldofEther

>> Neon District

Tron Dogs vs CryptoKitties

Source: Twitter

Featured Image: Canva

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