Stephen Curry CryptoKitties: NBA Star Teams up with Blockchain Game

Stephen Curry CryptoKitties
Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has made a move into the cryptocurrency industry. Specifically, Curry - dubbed the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA - has teamed up with Axiom Zen in a partnership that has created three Stephen Curry CryptoKitties.

Stephen Curry CryptoKitties

This is significant news, and it's likely both CryptoKitties and Stephen Curry will benefit from this new found friendship. For starters, Curry is CryptoKitties' first every celebrity partner. Additionally, CryptoKitties has been looking to expand its collectibles app; therefore, based on today's announcement, it appears the Canadian company figured out that one way of doing so was by adding branded tokens. Moreover, aside from expanding its collectibles application, CryptoKitties has been "hiring new talent," and trying to attract different demographics and audiences to its platform. One of the Vancouver-based company's end goals is to show off the potentials of crypto outside currency. Launching Stephen Curry CryptoKitties is a step in the right direction.  This partnership is also likely to benefit Moji, which is Stephen Curry's emoji development company. Numerous celebrities have launched their own emojis, or emoji app companies, but no one has yet to branch out into the world of tokenized digital cats. According to Caty Tedman, head of partnerships for CryptoKitties, Mr. Curry was the instigator, contacting the team at CryptoKitties first. 

The 3 Stephen Curry CryptoKitties

Three individual CryptoKitties will be released in the Stephen Curry series. Each CryptoKitty has been based on the 30-year olds' personality.  The first Stephen Curry CryptoKitty is named Fur Three, after Curry's jersey number. That and the fact that the man loves to shoot threes. The second CryptoKitty is Chef Furry, likely named this because the stars' wife is a celebrity chef. The last CryptoKitty is #30 Furry. >>Brian Kelly Has Three Bullish Reasons For Crypto Uptrend Reportedly, Curry will sell the first CryptoKitty, and then he will decide if he wants to sell the remaining two. 

What Has the CryptoKitties Team Said?

Venture studio Axiom Zen tweeted its excitement about the Stephen Curry CryptoKitties earlier today. For those who don't know, Axiom Zen is the mastermind behind CryptoKitties. Further, Roham Gharegozlou, founder of CryptoKitties, also tweeted his excitement about Curry joining his team.

The Takeaway

It will be interesting to see if any other celebrities reach out to CryptoKitties now that the news is out there. As mentioned, Curry is not the only celebrity involved in the emoji industry, which means there may be a few icons who try to follow in their competitors' footsteps. Just watch - next we will see headlines about Kim Kardashian CryptoKitties.  Featured Image: Twitter

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