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Pineapple Arcade

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Are you into arcade games, puzzles, scavenger hunts, and winning crypto? Then you might want to check out Pineapple Arcade.

Pineapple Arcade is a collaborative effort by the Pineapple Fund, the developers behind the upcoming crypto RPG game Neon District, and the Atari movie. The Arcade is about opening up the space of crypto to the world, providing people free access to puzzling fun and donating to charity.

As soon as you enter the Pineapple Arcade, your job is to explore.

Pineapple Arcade
Source: Pineapple Arcade

Zoom in on things, click around, see what you can find. In addition to the playable arcade games, puzzles and scavenger hunts are hidden all around the arcade that can lead you on an adventure to a number of crypto prizes.

The prizes include:

250 ETH (provided by Pineapple Fund)

$100 thousand for charity (provided by Pineapple Fund)

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10 BTC (provided by Pineapple Fund)

1 BTC (provided by Pineapple Fund)

15 ETH (provided by Neon District)

75 Neon District Trophies (provided by Neon District) – the trophies will grant winners exclusive alpha access to the upcoming Neon District game

1 million COIIN (provided by COIIN/Atari Movie)

100,000 RUSTBITS (provided by Age of Rust/ – this puzzle has just been solved

You can read more about the prizes and how to claim them here.

The Arcade games are completely free to play – you don’t even need to own any crypto. I took a spin at a few of them and was hit with all the nostalgia of old-school arcade games plus the new wave of crypto magic.

Pineapple Arcade
DAO Invaders. Source: Pineapple Arcade
Pineapple Arcade
Astrominer. Source: Pineapple Arcade
Pineapple Arcade
Coiin-Man. Source: Pineapple Arcade

While I’m not the best at video games, I had a lot of fun trying out some of the booths. Coiin-Man was my favourite, a great spin on the classic Pac-Man game.

There are currently four active arcade games: Coiin-Man (sponsored by Nolan Bushnell and the Atari movie), Astrominer, DAO Invaders, and Hack & Hash (sponsored by Age of Rust). More games will be added in the coming months.

The puzzles scattered throughout the arcade are meant to be challenging pushes to your creativity. Everyone is encouraged to work together as the puzzles can be challenging for just one person to solve. For example, you may be asked to go somewhere specific in the world, and while you might not be anywhere close to that place, someone else on the internet will be. So get out there, meet fellow crypto enthusiasts, and have fun sleuthing! Prizes can easily be split among a group.

Pineapple Arcade
A hidden clue to the Neon District game? Who can spot Neon District’s coin_artist? Source: Pineapple Arcade

Interested in learning more? Check out this video with Atari’s founder Nolan Bushnell:

Are you ready to play? Start solving!

Featured image: Pineapple Arcade

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