Neon District: the Latest Crypto Game

Neon District
"Neon District" is the latest crypto game coming to us, set in a dystopian future. "Neon District" is a cross between a role-playing, character development, and trading card game. The Ethereum-based game creates base characters for users to collect, play, evolve, and trade. Every action the player makes in the game will affect the character, forming completely individual and unique playable characters.
15 ETH is hidden somewhere in the game, the puzzle waiting to be solved by those daring enough. Source: Twitter
The characters, such as those pictured above, will be able to be purchased for the equivalent of a few dollars. The reason they start cheap is that there's nothing unique about them; the point of the game is for you, as the player, to take those characters and create something out of them. The player is what will give the character its value. As they play the game, as they develop and level up the character, they will produce something profitable that they will then be able to sell. >> Read the latest Tron Dogs update The storyline of the game involves "The Mainspring," a group that is offering implantable upgrades, or enhancements, to the citizens of the Neon District. But are these enhancements actually for the betterment of society? The "Degens" don't think so, and they're willing to fight until the Mainspring is completely wiped out. Who will reign victorious? I love the concept of this game. It's giving me real "Bioshock" and Batman villain vibes, which is awesome. The idea of being able to develop my own character excites me and the fact that those developments can actually change the way your personal character looks is super cool. Any alterations your character takes on will be attached to the blockchain, forming a sort of digital painting of each character. Players will be able to interact with one another through gameplay and chat boxes. Already there are more than 700 people signed onto the game's mailing list and it's gaining popularity every day. The game is set for a public release in May of this year. >> Cryptokitties is heading to China The developers behind this game are led by Marguerite deCourcelle, also known as coin artist. Readers may recognize her as the artist who's created crypto-infused digital artwork. "Neon District" is already continuing this legacy; the first of many Easter eggs was revealed earlier this week.
Source: Twitter
A total of 15 ETH is confirmed to be hidden within the game. The puzzle starts with the website and everyone is encouraged to go for the prize. (Psst, the first hint is hidden in the white paper!) Ready, set, go! I don't know about you, but I'm excited about "Neon District." This seems exactly like the type of vibe a crypto game should have. No fluff, just gritty character development - just my cup of tea. Check out our exclusive interview with Neon District lead developer Ben Heidorn. >> Read about the World of Ether game Feature image: neondistrict

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