Fishbank Crypto Game Launches on Ethereum Mainnet

Fishbank crypto game

Tired of trading cats and dogs? Well, now you can trade fish! The Fishbank crypto game has officially launched on the Ethereum mainnet.

What is Fishbank?

“Take your place in a decentralized food chain.” The Fishbank crypto game allows you to grow, fight, and trade digital fish. The point of the game seems to be hunting other fish and trying to eat them so you can increase your own fish’s weight to make it one of the top dogs – or, top fish, rather.

You can also make your way up the food chain by trading fish, building up to a better one each time.

Fishbank crypto game
Source: Fishbank

The game is based on Ethereum smart contracts. Your fish will be entirely owned by you. Every game action taken can be viewed on public node explorers.

Currently, Fishbank has 237,804 users registered to play.

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How to Play

Now that the game has gone live, there are only two ways to obtain new fish.

The first is by trading with/buying from other players via a simple auction model. The price is bolstered by supply and demand and may vary depending on your fishie’s weight, parameters, rarity, and color.

The second is by entering the Aquarium and catching a fish. To enter the Aquarium, it costs about 0.03 ETH, but you’re guaranteed a fish out of it. The fish will be completely random, and will most likely be a Common fish, although it is still possible to obtain the higher levels of Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Whale.

In order to play Fishbank, you will need to have either Chrome or Firefox installed. Whichever browser you use, it will need to have the MetaMask extension. You’ll also need to have some Ether in a digital wallet. To play, you will need access to the internet.

You’re looking to get to the top of the food chain by having the strongest, heaviest, and best fish. The fish’s weight will affect its size and power. Fish gain weight by fighting other fish in the tank – and winning.

Which fish would win between the pairing below:

Fishbank crypto game
Source: Fishbank
Fishbank crypto game
Source: Fishbank

The Idol Fish won because it was heavier and therefore had more power than the Corvina fish, despite both fish being of the Common variety.

The fight results are determined by open-source smart contracts – so all’s fair in the great big blue.

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Will you be able to make it out of the fish tank alive?

Featured image: News BTC

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