Etheremon Launches Adventure Mode

Etheremon Adventure ModeEtheremon, a blockchain based crypto-collectible game held on the Ethereum blockchain, just announced a new feature to its platform. Etheremon is very similar to Pokemon, except for the fact that you are able to make a profit off of your 'mons.' Remember spending hours playing Pokemon on your GameBoy and one day you turn it on and find all of your hard-earned saved data has been lost completely? With the blockchain, this is no longer an issue. All the data from the game is stored on the blockchain which is held by thousands of nodes, and the data cannot be corrupted or changed. At press time, Etheremon has 5158 players worldwide with 30,975 etheremons in play. There have been 114,684 battles on the platform since its launch back in December 2017. What makes Etheremon stand out from the rest of the games currently held on the blockchain is its vision for VR integration. When VR was first introduced to the market it was only accessible to the rich, but that seems to be changing as it is becoming much more affordable for the everyday person now. Etheremon's foundation is set upon this new gaming '3.0' experience and it will be available in the near future. >> Etheremon Co-Founder Interview The 'Adventure Mode' just introduced will give Etheremon players 108 exploration sites (known as maps) to send their "mons" to. In these adventures, each player can discover amazing rewards throughout the various maps. You can see some of the potential rewards below.

Source: Etheremon

In each one of these adventures, mon-owners must pay a small fee to the exploration site's hosts. Each one of these maps is owner by 10 hosts, which gives each one of them permanent passive income from the mon' adventures. Etheremon will be holding a pre-sale to become a host on their 108 maps, on May 26th of this month. If you'd like to enter the pre-sale you can sign up to be 'whitelisted' here. For more information on Etheremon, you can view their Medium Blog here. Featured Image: Etheremon

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