Age of Rust: A Blockchain Adventure Game Powered by SpacePirate

Age of Rust

Age of Rust is a blockchain adventure game being developed by SpacePirate. The game involves roleplaying, strategizing, and battling other players. The reward? Cryptocurrency.

Let the Adventure Begin

Age of Rust transports players to a dystopian future where society has collapsed. This is the Age of Rust. Players will explore a bizarre galaxy where they will have to survive mercenaries such as privateers, bounty hunters, and rogue mechs— the futuristic robots that have turned against humanity.

Players will travel to abandoned spacecraft, lost mines, secret bases, and hidden space stations to solve the mystery of the Age of Rust. There will be clues and hints woven throughout the story to help players on their journey to survival – and to the prize.

Source: Age of Rust

Gameplay: Fight or Solve?

Age of Rust pulls many game features into one retro-style game. It’s a multiplayer science fiction roleplaying adventure game that plays as the old style dice-based games. It’s riddled with puzzles that players can solve to find hidden treasures, which includes hidden Bitcoin (BTC).

Players can either solve puzzles or engage in combat (or a mix of both) to progress further in the story. The puzzles are meant to be challenging, but you don’t have to solve them alone. Along with the hints hidden throughout the game, there is an in-game chat feature. Using this, you can form teams with the other players, share clues, and help each other out. Or, if you’d rather work alone, you can just make friendly chit-chat with the other players.

If combat is more your style, the game employs both PVP (player vs. player) and PVE (player vs. environment). Combat will be turn-based and will be affected by things like your character’s armor, speed, and hit points. If you want to take a break from combat and just focus on exploring, you have the option to turn off PVP.

Whether puzzling or fighting, you can play by yourself or play with others.

Source: Age of Rust

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Blockchain Cards: Collect Them All

A big feature of the game is blockchain cards, cards that will impact your character and possibly even your storyline. The main cards are SpacePirate’s own cards —Rustchain cards. Cards are meant to be collected, traded, and used in the game.

Cards get used in the game to award players with special items and abilities. At this stage in development, cards are used to access game content and to find clues for the puzzles. Depending on what cards a player holds, different clues for the puzzles may be given to them.

SpacePirate has collaborated with Spells of Genesis and with Book of Orbs, so players will also be able to find their blockchain cards hidden throughout Age of Rust. These cards will unlock different features in the game.

Rustchain cards can be purchased with in-game tokens called Rustbits. However, Age of Rust isn’t a “pay to win” kind of game, meaning you don’t need to buy anything in order to solve the puzzles, win the crypto rewards, or complete the game. If a puzzle requires a certain card to play, there will always be a way to win that card inside the game.

Age of Rust Sample Rustchain Cards. Source: Age of Rust

Game Development: It’s All Coming Together Now

Age of Rust is still under development. The beta test for the game was recently released. You can sign up and start playing Age of Rust in test mode now.

A step up from the alpha test, which was primarily text-based gameplay, the beta test includes a redefined navigation method and audio, as well as the start of blockchain cards. Players can earn as much as 4 BTC testing out the game.

At this stage in the development, Chapter 1 is being worked on, which offers as many as 200 areas. By the time Age of Rust is fully released, there will be a total of six chapters and a 20 BTC prize pool.

From time to time, the developers will release a short clip of what they’ve been working on – and it looks pretty sweet.

Their most recent update shows off some of the combat:

Welcome to the Age of Rust. Will you be able to survive?

For more information on Age of Rust, check out their website and follow them on Twitter.

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