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Crypto exchanges are often looking for ways to up the ante and excite users. The crypto exchange Ethfinex is doing just that by offering the ability for users to vote on what coin gets listed next on the exchange’s platform.

This isn’t the first time Ethfinex has done this. Ethfinex has pushed out community votes on multiple occasions, the last round going to The Abyss (ABYSS), MATRIX (MAN), and BlockPass (PASS).

This Round’s Community Vote

This round’s vote has a total of 14 crypto contendors all vying for a spot on Ethfinex’s platform. The top 5 include:

  • BankEx (BKX);
  • Autonio (NIO);
  • Banyan Network (BBN);
  • Centrality (CENNZ);
  • Civic (CVC).

BankEx (BKX) is working on a way to turn asset classes into digital tokens. Those digital tokens would be provided with flexibility, liquidity, and auditability.

Autonio (NIO) aims to provide AI-powered trading bots that can help both professional and amateur traders. The bots would allow for automated trading and would let users connect to exchanges via API and create their own algorithms.

Banyan Network (BBN) is looking to make a trusted data connection network that has third-party data integration, data applications, governance, and open market development.

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Centrality (CENNZ) is working on a marketplace of applications. The applications will allow for things like managing tasks or producing peer-to-peer transactions.

Civic (CVC) is creating a universal wallet and fiat gateway that is meant to make buying, trading, and managing crypto assets easy for anyone.

How to Vote

To vote for any of these cryptos or any of the others listed, you must first be a registered user of Ethfinex and own some of its Nectar tokens (NEC).

If you own NEC, when a community vote starts, you will receive the Ethfinex Voting Token (EVT), one EVT for each NEC you own. EVT is mainly used for voting, although you can also trade with it on Ethfinex (EVT/USD)—but just remember that any current EVT will expire once the vote is finished (every two weeks).

Voting typically happens twice a month. Once you have your EVT (will automatically be deposited), you can vote using MetaMask, Ledger, or Keystore.

The three tokens that get the highest number of votes by the end of the voting period will be listed on the Ethfinex platform.

For more information, check here.

What is Ethfinex?

Ethfinex is a crypto exchange focused on building up a trading and discussion platform for the crypto community. Users can trade on either a centralized or decentralized version of the platform, whichever they prefer.

As demonstrated by the community vote, what gets listed on Ethfinex is decided by the users.

Does the Ethfinex crypto exchange interest you?

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