Is CNBC’s Fast Money Trying to Manipulate Bitcoin Cash Price?

CNBC Fast Money

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price continues to trade in the range of $1,000 to $1,150 since the start of this week albeit strong support from market analysts. The fourth largest coin hasn’t been responding to analyst’s remarks – who expected significant growth in its price mainly due to its powerful blockchain network.

CNBC's Fast Money

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CNBC’s Fast Money

Traders, however, are accusing CNBC’s Fast Money program of trying to create an artificial hike in BCH coin price. Bears believe CNBC has continuously been inviting Roger Ver and Brian Kelly to express their bullish thesis on the future fundamentals of Bitcoin Cash price.

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Roger Ver has been continually appearing on CNBC shows and presenting his thesis in support of Bitcoin Cash. “The peer-to-peer electronic cash system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto continues to live on as Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Bitcoin Core (BTC) is an experimental currency that does not have a white paper and has only operated under its current model for two years” Roger Ver says.

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Brian Kelly has also been making similar comments about BCH on CNBC’s Fast Money show. He believes BCH coin offers the best buying opportunity for the long-term investors. The market participants have been showing their concerns over the one-sided coverage and favoritism from the host of the show.

Analyst’s enthusiastic remarks, nonetheless, haven’t been creating any significant moves in Bitcoin Cash price over the last couple of weeks. The coin is following the broader market trend – which isn’t bullish at the moment. Cryptocurrency markets are struggling to find a new direction after a huge selloff in May; the market has been facing criticism from big names. They have been raising questions over the emerging markets potential to exist for the long-term.

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