Charles Hoskinson (Cardano) Suggests that Tron (TRX) Should Switch to Mantis

Charles Hoskinson suggests Mantis

Charles Hoskinson suggests Mantis: Last week, Tron (TRX) was heavily criticized as developers outside of the project discovered that most of the code on Tron’s platform had been taken from Ethereum’s EthereumJ library.

Tron celebrated its ‘Independence Day’ from Ethereum on the 25th, but ironically it wasn’t independent from the project at all. While the ERC20 TRX token was made irrelevant by being switched over to the Tron main net, the project still has a large chunk of codebase taken directly from Ethereum.

One Twitter commented on the copied code and said:

Not all cryptocurrency projects on the market have built their code from the ground up, such as Cardano has done. The issue with what Tron did lies specifically with not attributing the code to its original source – especially since Tron and its founder, Justin Sun, were so boldly broadcasting the project’s ‘breakaway’ from Ethereum.

Not to mention this infamous tweet where Justin Sun compares how Tron is ‘better’ than Ethereum.

If you have improved on an original idea, that’s great, but you have to give credit where credit is due. Can’t waltz around like you created the entire thing.

Charles Hoskinson Suggests Mantis

Charles Hoskinson was one of the eight co-founders of Ethereum, but due to an issue with its governing structure, Hoskinson left in June 2014. He then went on to build Input|Output, which created Ethereum Classic (ETC).

A group of developers spent seven months building Mantis, a unique Ethereum Classic client, from scratch. Hoskinson addressed Justin Sun and told him that Mantis would better suit Tron.

Justin Sun responded back by saying:

It remains unknown if Tron will make the switch, but it’s an enticing idea.

When Charles Hoskinson suggests Mantis, would you listen?

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