World of Ether Co-Founder Alain Goldman Exclusive Interview

World of Ether Exclusive! Blockchain-based games are taking the crypto world by storm. The first game to blow up on the crypto market was the Ethereum based "CryptoKitties." It introduced gamers to the future of gaming, with the entirety of the game to be held on a blockchain. World of Ether is the latest Ethereum based game surging in the market. In the first 6 hours of launch, the game sold more than 250+ "monster" eggs and within 48 hours racked in almost $500,000 in presale eggs. If you'd like to read more about the game, click here. Just yesterday, the team launched an affiliate program which ends when the game is fully launched, anticipated Q1 2018. We got to sit down and chat with the game's co-founder, Alain Goldman, for an exclusive interview on the game's progress and launch.

What makes your game stand out from the rest of the games on the cryptocurrency market, more specifically the ones built on the ethereum blockchain? The reason we stand out has to do with the atmosphere and overall experience we’ve created. When you land on you can feel the craftsmanship and the attention to detail. CryptoKitties created the space. It was crypto-gaming 1.0 and it brought in what we believe to be the age of the crypto-collectibles. However, with this came the vultures, pyramid schemes, and copycats. The stage was young, and speculators were uneducated. The first games took advantage. They shut down their contracts and performed a disappearing act with millions *poof* disappearing into thin air with no accountability. These bad actors were all anonymous, masked in a veil of secrecy, and they gave crypto-games a bad rap.

In an effort to create trust in the space, we added accountability. We showed our faces, invited users to look at our past works, and invited them to question us. We made ourselves extremely reachable and responsive for all those who have questions. Our artistic style is something else we’re proud of. We don’t use procedurally generated monsters or backgrounds like all of these copycats. All our work is unique, from our monsters to our eggs, to our background images, to our site design. We’ve put painstaking effort into even the small details of this game, and it’s something we believe users can see.

Why did you decide to build it on the blockchain? The solutions that blockchain provides- from transparency to the selling of tracked assets, to real supply and demand dynamics triggered the collectible nerd in me. With decentralization and Ethereum smart contracts, we can create a world where the market sets the price of the monsters, battle results are immutable, and ownership can’t be censored.

The egg presale buyers will be able to breed their monsters and sell the resulting children for whatever prices they like. With breeding mechanics that prevent the overpopulation of monsters, the market will decide if these marketplace prices are too low or too high. The market sets the price.

When it comes to battling, we can’t change the results of a battle, and that battle is reflected forever in the Ethereum blockchain.

Collecting is another mechanic that gets an advantage from using blockchain. World of Ether is a crypto-collectible game, and we wanted to reward the original discoverers of monsters with their names credited forever. If you’re the first to discover a monster, your username gets stored and shown to all the proceeding players. You are forever credited with discovery.

What excites me most, however, is the impossibility of game mechanic manipulation. When the game is released, players can immediately look at our smart contracts and decide if this is a game they want to adopt. If many people begin playing this game, our original rules, which everybody decided on adopting, cannot be changed. In addition to this, we can’t flood the marketplace with new monsters in an effort for us or our friends to make a quick buck. Nothing can be manipulated because the smart contracts are immutable.

How will users be able to make a profit off of the game?

Players can sell their monsters for Ether. They can also sire their males and receive Ether for that. Battling allows players to level up, and with higher levels, comes the abilities to breed rarer and more powerful monsters. These are monsters that have real utility: they’re more likely to win battles and help users level up further to the point where legendary monsters of the rarest type can be obtained. These rare and powerful monsters can also be sold on the marketplace, we expect for high prices- similar to the CryptoKitties that sold for over $100,000.

Additionally, the egg presale buyers are the ones who will be initially populating the marketplace with monsters. The eggs that World of Ether sells rise by 15% on launch, which encourages new players to no longer buy eggs, but instead buy monsters from the marketplace.

There have been some comments on my original article and Reddit about the price of eggs initially and that being a deterrent for playing the game. Do you have any comments on that? We didn't expect our presale launch to get this much traction! The price of our eggs increases by .00035 ETH with each purchase. We positioned this increase to create a scenario in which monsters aren’t devalued and early adopters are likely to be rewarded.

As the price of the eggs continues to increase, we will eventually hit a price that players would not be willing to buy at anymore - a “soft cap.” This will pressure new and old players to only obtain monsters from one another, creating a thriving marketplace. With everything that’s unaffordable, yet desirable, comes complaints from those who wish to obtain it. What we’ve done is created a game in which the early adopters stand to be heavily rewarded and those who wish to play, but can’t afford to be an early adopter, can still likely play as supply of Common monsters increases through breeding.

With the egg increase price, we had an ideological question on our hands- do we make more money for ourselves by selling eggs or do we want to allow the USERS of our game to make more money? Our answer is to favor the users. We chose them when we created the initial contracts and we will continue to choose them every time.

When do you anticipate the game to be built? How is progress coming along? Progress is moving hastily. Our development team is comprised of 3 solidity developers, 1 designer, and 1 front-end developer. We’re anticipating the launch in mid-March.

To date, you've sold over 1500 eggs. What has the response been with your development team and community around the game?

Wow, we have been so impressed with the community that’s developed around this game! Our telegram group is already nearing 250 members, we’ve had a shoutout from CryptoKitties on Twitter, and Altcoin Buzz (one of the biggest crypto YouTube channels in the world!) gave us a featured video. While we expected World of Ether to do well, we did not expect it to blow up as fast as it has. We love how much the community loves this game and we are really excited that we have the opportunity to give them even more of what they want!

Where do you see the game, in 5 years? What's next for the game?

We are currently working out a partnership with Coinbase’s Toshi, their mobile Ethereum browser, to add functionality on mobile devices. After this, we want to work on a full-fledged mobile app. In the future, we imagine a thriving marketplace, with wide user adoption, in which users are playing on a variety of devices and still discovering brand new monsters. The monsters may even be able to be ported over to new games!

Why should crypto holders play World Of Ether?

Crypto holders should play World of Ether because this game defines a new standard for crypto-gaming. Everything we have done in this game, we have tried to make a work of art. Gaming, in general, has always brought innovation to technology, with World of Ether, we’re hoping to do the same for Ethereum.

  With over 1,600 egg sales to date, World of Ether is off to a blazing start. As its team works tirelessly to finalize the game for launch, we will continue to check back in with them to track progress. Big thanks to co-Founder Alain Goldman for taking the time to chat with  

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