TrustedHealth ICO CEO Exclusive Interview – Revolutionizing Specialized Medicine with Blockchain

We had the pleasure of getting to sit down and talk with TrustedHealth's CEO, Greg Jarzabek, in an exclusive 'CCN' interview. TrustedHealth is a patient and doctor ecosystem built on the blockchain that provides its patient's specialists from around the world, enriching their overall care. The TrustedHealth system holds each patient's full medical history and provides specialists full access to these records to determine if that patient is a good fit for their expertise, or not. Mr. Jarzabek goes into further detail about his company in the interview below.

Can you elaborate on your background a bit?

My name is Greg and I have worked for the last 10 years in a financial service industry. I am a Certified Financial Analyst and Certified Quantitative Analyst. I have worked and studied in many countries and I am an alumnus of Harvard, ESCP and Warsaw School of Economics. I speak 5 languages, love sports, a husband and a father of two.

How did the idea of Trusted Health come about?

My mother died of cancer, an event that drove my full energy into founding Trustedoctor platform and as a consequence TrustedHealth project. During our family's journey, I realized that there are huge problems for patients around the world that have to deal with complex diseases. There is lack of transparency who is the right specialist and there is a difficulty in accessing the right care since best medical expertise is not in one place.

Why did the switch from Trustedoctor to Trusted Health occur?

Trustedoctor was the first step to solve the above-mentioned problems. We created a dedicated open online platform that connects patients with leading specialists worldwide for the right advice. Having launched the platform and proven the focused concept with doctors and patients around the world in brain and lung cancer, the next step was to build the ecosystem of other decentralized healthcare service providers to complement the networks of doctor specialists and digitalize the patient treatment pathway. We decided to create TrustedHealth, a dedicated ecosystem of medical services, to empower patients with a digital access to global medicine for an optimal health and to engineer it on blockchain for patient medical data storage and smart contracts to engage and reward users.

What is the summed up primary goal of what Trusted Health seeks to do?

TrustedHealth wants to build a decentralized and trusted ecosystem of medical services for everyone everywhere to empower patients with a digital access to global medicine for an optimal health engineered on the blockchain.

Is there a specific location you will be targeting first?

As far as providers and suppliers of the

TrustedHealth are concerned, we would focus, to begin with, mainly on European countries with inbound patient traffic such as Switzerland, UK, Germany, and the USA. As far as users, patients are concerned, we would focus on Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe. Nevertheless, the demand side is hard to define since just in brain cancer we had users from 23 countries. In the end, when successful, we would like to have a global digital footprint.

Which major roadblock do you feel is currently holding back blockchain technology being implemented in the healthcare space right now?

The main roadblock for blockchain to be adopted in healthcare institutions is mainly the inertia of these institutions and lack of innovation or accountability when it comes to decision making. That is why, TrustedHealth has a competitive advantage over other healthcare ICOs thanks to a partnership with Trustedoctor platform, that is already being adopted in 6 countries in a private mode. With the existant adoption of the platform by its patients and doctors, TrustedHealth can quickly count on some use cases to put the medical record data on blockchain and then try to implicitly introduce it to the existant providers.

What will the TDH tokens be used for? It says that within your product you accept fiat currency. What value does TDH have?

Besides being the preferred currency used to access services within the TrustedHealth Ecosystem, TDH token can be regarded as a store of value intended to reward early adopters and patients and service providers as the TrustedHealth network grows. With more and more services providers like Trustedoctor joining in, TDH tokens are set to become a personal key to a unique network of specialized medicine stored on the user's ETH wallet.

There is a multi-faceted utility of the token:

  1. Engagement reward coin
  2. Research coin
  3. Storage coin
  4. Access right coin
  5. Subsidised payment coin

More importantly, the adoption of TDH token will enable TrustedHealth to develop and provide new services and features that leverage the immutability and irreversibility of smart contacts and blockchain transaction, as well as service brought by new joining service providers. These services and features may include reward systems for patients and/or doctors, doctor reputation/evidence-based selection systems, other provider selection system, research access and others.

Ceteris paribus, in an attempt to value the TDH token financially, one could theoretically apply a quasi Quantity Theory of Money by Milton Friedman and divide an expected number of transactions on the ecosystem by the limited number of coins. At the moment, the current volume of transactions in specialized medicine is expected to be $250bn with 20% growth. Consequently, there is a huge potential.

We'd like the thank Mr. Jarzabek for taking time out his day to sit down and chat about TrustedHealth with 'CCN'. The company's pre-sale ICO begins on March 20th, 2018 with a minimum contribution of 1 ETH. TrustedHealth has already reached their soft cap in the private sale and the crowd sale, which requires no minimum contribution, begins on March 27th. >> MedicalChain Transforming Standard Healthcare Featured Image: Doctor

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