Tron [TRX] Dogs Exclusive CEO Interview – Full Steam Ahead

Tron Dogs
I had the pleasure of getting to sit down with's CEO, Xu Le, to discuss Tron Dogs and the future of Pet Planet.
Tron Dogs emerged on the scene, just after CryptoKitties basically halted the Ethereum blockchain. It has become a major player in the blockchain gaming community. Read more about how it came about and what plans to do next with Tron Dogs and Pet Planet.
What is your background? 
I’ve been an entrepreneur in China for the past 18 years, with 10 years in the internet industry and 8 years in the gaming industry. My company TOPGAME made the global top 5 casino game “Titan Slots”.
When did you first hear about blockchain technology and what is your personal opinion on it? 
I got into blockchain around July of last year and since then have completely immersed myself into crypto, for I believe it will truly change the world.
The blockchain is spreading to various aspects of our everyday life, how have you brought gaming and blockchain together?
I believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency will be a familiar and widely used technology in the everyday lives of consumers, and our vision here at is to bring joy and entertainment into the people’s lives by utilizing the amazing technology of blockchain to redefine gaming.
When did the pet planet idea come about?
I was inspired by Cryptokitties, it was a proof of concept for blockchain to be integrated into traditional gaming, and it proved to me the potential of blockchain gaming to become viral.
The Tron Foundation's partnership with you was huge, especially since Tron has yet to have a working product. How has this partnership affected your company? 
We are happy with our partnership with Tron and I’m glad we were able to be a part of its massive rise over 10 billion market cap. It has been a great start so far, and we plan to deliver the best games and platforms for our partners, to grow together successfully and help realize each other’s visions.
Was Tron Dogs your team's idea or a collaborative effort with the Tron Foundation?
Tron Dogs was our idea that we approached Tron Foundation with, they were very happy with the collaboration and our team’s work.
Puppies and breeding were just released and the Tron Dogs community has been buzzing, can you give me a clue what's next for the game? Customization of your Tron dogs? 
We are developing the ability to trade, buy/sell, gift, and custom naming. Tron dogs, as well as eventually exchange our dogs in between various blockchains like EOS or QTUM. Please check our roadmap for details.
Will we ever see a Pet Planet release for a console?
Our goal is to serve crypto gamers on whatever platform they are and currently, it's online and on mobile. So far there are no plans for a console game as no console supports crypto.
With your game built on the Ethereum network, has your development team experienced any issues with the network as the scalability has yet to be fixed. Hence the main reason CryptoKitties halted in growth back in December.
We approach blockchain gaming with a different view; we are aware of Cryptokitties’ congestion and inability to scale, so we run our own exchanges in-game to avoid Ethereum congestion, and still allow the freedom of inter-blockchain trading of gaming assets in the future.
Of course, I have to ask, do you think CryptoKitties will ever ramp up again? 
We respect Cryptokitties and it’s pioneering actions in blockchain gaming, but we are not in a position to make judgments about their company. Gaming companies in general, can rise or fall depending on how they operate and strategize.
Where can out users keep up with your company's updates and new upgrades to your projects? and my personal acc are great sources for news. Eventually, you’ll be able to use the Game Me app to browse news, chat tribes, and forums.
We'd like to thank Mr. Le for taking the time out of his busy schedule to sit down and answer some questions for us here at (CCN).
Recently, Tron Dogs has come under some fire in regards to not announcing various tests that they were running that took reward money from players. A representative responded to some questions we had, you can read the full report here.
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