E-Commerce Teacher and Entrepreneur Jared Goetz Shares Cryptocurrency Ideas

Jared Goetz Shares Cryptocurrency Ideas

Popular e-commerce entrepreneur and business owner Jared Goetz has made a career out of being ahead of the marketplace and adapting his companies to new trends. At the age of 21, Jared made his first million, then went on in the years to come to run other businesses that have made millions of dollars. He has been named one of the top entrepreneurs under 30 years old by both Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine and now offers courses/coaching programs for other businesses/individuals who want to create e-commerce sites or Shopify storefronts.

Through his online and in-person educational courses, Jared has found himself once again ahead of everyone else, becoming one of the first “teachers” in North America to actually accept a form of cryptocurrency in exchange for education and knowledge. 

With Shopify taking orders via Bitcoin, and other e-commerce companies now adapting to new cryptocurrencies, we sat down exclusively with Jared to find out his thoughts on the marketplace and what future trends we may see…


What were your original motivations for getting into the e-commerce world?

I always was into having the latest and greatest gadget or product, so this led to me often having things that nobody had ever seen or used before. The reactions I would get for some items were so strong that I thought I should maybe start selling some of the things I was getting my hands on. I caught wind of the Canton fair in China, which is essentially the CES of wholesale gadgets. Once I saw the endless amounts of cool products I could potentially sell, I was hooked.


How long have you both been investing in various businesses?

I have been investing in businesses since I was sixteen. My friends and I were always trying to start new ventures and make money on our own. My spirit never changed, but the companies and events I was putting my money into got much more serious around age 21.


From making your first million in your early twenties to now being recognized as one of the top e-commerce entrepreneurs, what life lessons from your own journey of growth have stuck with you?

There are a lot, but the most important is to get started and don’t quit. So many people spend so much time thinking about what they will do next, instead of going for it and not worrying about being perfect. The best way to start something new is actually to start! Then, once something is started, it’s important to realize that things won’t be easy and will probably take time. It’s completely normal to have bad days, mess up and go about things somewhat wrong, but it’s all about picking yourself up and going just as hard the next day. Breakthroughs happen, but it takes persistence and patience.


When did you first become aware of cryptocurrency?

When Bitcoin first came out, I was intrigued by the possibility of a universal form of currency. Naturally, my business is global, so the fact that I could receive one currency across the board interested me. I did my homework and kept up on the industry essentially since it was first reported on.

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What are your views on cryptocurrency, whether it be positive or negative?

I am a big believer in getting something started and not harping on perfection, but working to get there. I think crypto has surpassed the initial boom and is now in a refining phase, which is great to see. I have a favorable view of the concept but do think there are tweaks to be made, which is to be expected.


You offer online education courses that people can pay with Bitcoin for, making you one of the first to accept this form of payment for educational purposes… when did you decide you wanted to make this an option for your students?

After so many people invested in Bitcoin this past year or so, I knew that more places would start accepting it as payment. I am usually an early adopter, so I thought it would be worth exploring and trying for my potential customers.


How has the response been since allowing this form of currency?

It’s gone well so far and has gotten a lot of good feedback from people about this being an option. Most of my students still pay with traditional forms of payment, but we’ve certainly seen people take advantage of our Bitcoin option.


How important is education at all levels to you?

Education is critical – it’s essential to me. It doesn’t have to be formal education, but to be successful, you need to be continually expanding your knowledge of the industry you’re in, business, and life in general. If I’m not doing, I’m learning.


What is the best advice you have ever been given?

It’s not so much advice, but a book called The 12 Week Year, by Brian Moran. This book taught me so much about how to be productive and get work done that moves my business forward. I recommend it to almost every entrepreneur I provide advice to.


Will you be accepting other forms of cryptocurrency in the future?

I’m open to it. So long as the currency is reputable, I don’t see why not.


Do you feel in the future other educational institutes like colleges will start accepting Bitcoin and other forms?

Eventually, yes, but not for some time. I think crypto has a while to go before it reaches that level of stability. I could maybe see some online or small schools doing it before the bigger ones, but there is a lot of red tapes that already exists in big schools so I couldn’t see it happening anytime soon. 


Anything else you wish to add on the subject?

I have some cryptocurrency and am working to expand my portfolio slightly before year’s end. If I had one thing to add, I would encourage more retailers and e-commerce merchants to allow select purchases to be made with cryptocurrency. It’s forward-thinking adoption that helps move society forward!



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jgoetz12/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jaredgoetzwhathewants


Written / Interview By Sarah Kauffberg exclusively for cryptocurrencynews.com

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