Dr. Sergio Alvarez Explains Why Plastic Surgeons Now Accept Bitcoin

Plastic Surgeons Now Accept Bitcoin
As the cryptocurrency marketplace continues to become more mainstream, various industries continue to adapt and begin accepting various forms of payment.
Cue-in Mia Aesthetics and Dr. Sergio Alvarez out of Miami, Florida. Dr. Alvarez’s practice is the first in Florida (and one of the first across the United States) to start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for various procedures, and his clients (both celebrity and local/international patients) love the idea and travel to his offices because of this “additional payment method”.
We sat down with Dr. Alvarez for an exclusive Q&A to learn more about his passion for helping people feel their best, and why patients using Bitcoin has been worth it for them and their cosmetic procedures…
What were your original motivations for getting into the medical field? 
After seeing my first open heart surgery at the age of 10, I knew then that there was nothing else I wanted to do than to be a surgeon. The ability to know what I wanted in a career at such a young age gave me the ability to focus and achieve my goals by the age of 32. Plastic surgery got my attention during medical school due to the fact that it was not only the most competitive specialty to get into and the surgeons training me were revered as “the best”, but it was the ability to work on every part of the body and really focus on the “art form” that captured me. It was the finesse that it required that captivated me.
How long have you been practicing and in what specific areas of concentration? 
I have been working for 9 years, concentrating on cosmetic plastic surgery.
Are most of your patients local to Miami, or are there many who travel from out of town seeking your services?
Approximately 90 percent of patients travel from out of town. This ranges from the west to east coast but we also have international patients from Europe, Asia, and South America.
What constitutes the “perfect patient”?
I’m not sure there is a “perfect patient”, but the best patients are those interested in feeling better about their bodies, how they feel in their clothing, and how they express themselves with their new self-confidence
What is the best advice you have been given in your journey to being a successful board-certified doctor?
I think the best advice I got was from my father: “Do what you love and be the best you can be!”
When did you first become aware of cryptocurrency?
I was introduced to the cryptocurrency market by my anesthesia provider about 1 year ago. He became fascinated with its potential and it was something we spoke about during surgery day in and day out.
When did you start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for the medical services you provide?
We started offering Bitcoin as a payment option about 6 months ago. We have started to definitely get a lot of interest in this form of payment. I think people in this industry are seeing the potential of investing not only in this form of currency but as a way to use it to make their cosmetic procedures cheaper as Bitcoin continues to appreciate.
How does it feel to be one of the first practices in Florida to do so?
We are always seeking to be ahead of the curve so it’s always interesting to see the growth in all aspects of our business. It’s definitely a good feeling to be at the forefront of not only our industry but to expand our footprint into other industries.
How has the response been since first allowing this form of currency?
We continue to get a lot of inquiries about this method of payment and are sure to continue to grow this aspect of the business.
What main services of yours do people usually use Bitcoin as a form of payment for?
Most people use Bitcoin for surgical services but before long we will see people using it for accessories and ancillary services.
Do you feel in the future more medical practices will start accepting it?
I think this is the future and before long it will be the norm for most practices and industries.
Outside of work, do you trade cryptocurrency personally and follow it?
I do. Since I got into it I started trading different currencies and now I’m always looking for opportunities in ICO’s.
And finally, are there any plans to start accepting other forms of cryptocurrency?
Eventually yes. As the market becomes more accepting we hope to widen the coins accepted.
WEBSITE URL: www.miaaesthetics.com
Written / Interview By Steven Goodman exclusively for cryptocurrencynews.com

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