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Chris Douthit is a cryptocurrency investor and analyst at He is one of the most active and best user-case success stories at In this post, we have invited Chris to share his story with us. Chris not only uses the information on for his own up-to-date investment decisions but is able to interpret market trends and direct his group for timely investment decisions. 

Chris Douthit on is instrumental in helping me understand the ever-changing cryptocurrency space. This market is a volatile one, so when positive news hits or shows the first signs of trouble, I want to know right away, so the proper steps can be taken to ensure I stay profitable in the space.

It originally started when I lost a lot of money in a short amount of time due to the new regulation. Had I been looking for it, I could have saved myself from a big loss and weeks of frustration. In retrospect – I should have seen it coming.

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This is when I had that idea hit me like a ton of bricks.

Why CryptoCurrencyNews was the Best Crypto Website

I did a Google advanced search to check for the first articles that would have alerted me to the regulation issue. Had I been paying attention and looking in the right place, I would have seen that CryptoCurrencyNews delivered the goods and alerted their community first. In this business, timing is key, even if only by a few hours.

From that point on I made CryptoCurrencyNews a priority, checking their stories multiple times a day and boy did it pay off more than once; not only when news hits about a sell-off, but also in regards to positive elements in the market that are going to send coins soring. These timely stories make it so much easier to make the most of each trading situation.

How Did CryptoCurrencyNews Help Me with Ripple XRP and TRON?

Fast forward a few months and my success stories continue to add up. Like on November 30th when I loaded up on Ripple after CryptoCurrencyNews broke the story about how Ripple is setting up for a big up-move with more and more banks joining the XRP network by delivering faster and cheaper transaction times.  Over the following month, Ripple traded up from $0.25 to $3.50. Or like when CryptoCurrencyNews broke the story about Tron getting hit with platinization accusations on January 9, allowing for a quick exit before the coin lost 80% of its value. Solid journalism is how you stay ahead of the game.

CryptoCurrencyNews – The Best Crypto Website for My Business

Today I use CryptoCurrencyNews as my premier source for relevant and direct cryptocurrency news. I am able to stay up-to-date on the space and make educated decisions, combined with technical analysis, which gives me a leg up in this constantly changing investment space. CryptoCurrencyNews just delivers more relevant stores in a timelier fashion versus other media outlets – I’d recommend them to anyone!

If you would like to join the investment group and learn more about how to invest in cryptocurrencies the right way from Chris, check out

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