You Would Never Guess These Celebrities Are Into Crypto

celebrities in cryptocurrency
The number of people who are interested in blockchain is rapidly growing, and that includes celebrities. As tech continues to flourish, the blockchain movement has captured an array of personalities—ranging from rappers to reality stars. Here are the biggest celebrities in cryptocurrency, ranked by star power.

4. Chris Bukowski, the Bachelor

Chris Bukowski, an ex-Bachelor contestant, said the dating show almost ruined his life, but the opportunities from the reality juggernaut eventually led him to a career in tech. Bukowski runs a web development agency, KCM Create, while simultaneously investing in cryptos. In fact, Bukowski’s crypto-interest has taken him back to the small screen. Bukowski was recently photographed on the set of Fox Businesses' New To The Street, alongside LQDEX—an inter-blockchain exchange.

3. Akon

Grammy-nominated singer, Akon, announced his vision for cryptocurrency in June 2018. His project is appropriately called Akoin, which hopes to further develop Akon's Africa solar power project, Lighting Africa. The R&B crooner was quoted at the official announcement of Akoin, saying "I think that blockchain and crypto could be the savior for Africa in many ways."

2. Imogen Heap

Musician Imogen Heap has been vocal about her interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology since 2016. Heap has had hands in a project called Mycelia, which helps artists to track and protect their efforts with blockchain ledgers through an app called Creative Passport

1. Eminem

Although Eminem hasn't publicly invested in any cryptocurrencies, he has given Bitcoin a notable shoutout in his recent album, Kamikaze. In the track dubbed 'Not Alike,' fellow rap superstar Royce Da 5'9' declares, "remember everybody used to bite nickel, now everybody doing bitcoin." >> Is TransferGo Using Ripple Technology? You Bet! It is unlikely that any of the aforementioned celebrities could directly affect the daily value of any cryptocurrency, but as their influence continues to be noted by the masses, they will inevitably have a positive effect on digital currencies. Who is your favorite crypto celeb? Featured image: DepositPhotos /© belchonock

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