Cardano (ADA) and NEO Make a Comeback – Updates and Progress

Cardano (ADA)
The cryptocurrency market made a comeback this weekend, but it seems it has begun correcting itself this morning. Cardano (ADA) and NEO are some of the coins doing well today. News broke that India's Supreme Court denied the lifting of the Crypto Bank Ban. The ban will begin on July 5th but could be potentially revoked at a later date. There will be four different petitions that will be revisited by the Supreme Court on July 20th. This could be the reason why the market has corrected itself, as any news negative towards crypto always causes some panic selling. Let's take a look at two coins on the market that have been doing fairly well today, in spite of the current fall.

Cardano (ADA)

Two days ago, Charles Hoskinson announced some big progress for Cardano and some of his thoughts on recent news surrounding his project. Hoskinson states the Cardano 1.4 is estimated to be released late-Q3 or the first half of Q4 this year. Hoskinson also announced some 'housekeeping' topics, hoping to clear the air on some things. The founder states that the media and individuals have twisted some of his latest tweets, and have twisted them into partnerships which he denies. For example, Charles Hoskinson presented to Google nearly a month ago, and there is no partnership with the global tech giants. Lastly, he made a suggestion that Tron should switch from EthereumJ to Mantis. Hoskinson wants to clarify that there isn't a partnership with Tron, it was just merely a suggestion. At press time, ADA is trading at $0.153 a coin, up 2.80%, in 24 hours. For the week, the digital currency is up 19.3%.


NEO has been rather silent on the market lately, but yesterday, the project it just signed a partnership with went live. Ontology and NEO announced their joint collaboration at the end of May. Ontology's main net launched yesterday and this could very well be why NEO's price took a sharp rise in price. At press time, NEO is trading at $36.49 a coin, up 3.16%, in 24 hours. It remains the 12th largest cryptocurrency by its market cap and is up 17.74% this week. >> Major European Banks Successfully Test Cross-Border Traders on IMB Blockchain Platform Featured Image:

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