Cardano [ADA] Brand Refresh – Cardano Roadmap Gets Overhaul

Cardano [ADA]

Cardano [ADA] – Input|Output (IOHK), the tech company that builds and funds Cardano, announced yesterday that Cardano has undergone a major brand refresh. Aesthetics have always been on the back-burner for the project, as the founder’s efforts have always been focused primarily on its peer-reviewed built-from-the-ground-up technology.

Unlike many other projects within the crypto space, the Cardano project focuses less on ‘marketing’ tactics and more on providing investors weekly technical reports. Cardano also has the most transparent roadmap among all the cryptocurrencies. Investors and users have the constant ability to check what components are being worked on, who is working on them, and what percentage they are completed.

Well, the design team at IOHK decided to turn a new leaf and has given Cardano a new visual “refresher.”

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New and Improved

The IOHK team sought to make the current website and roadmap more intuitive to use. They also wanted to be able to convey their data more effectively – giving users the overall big picture but also allowing them to drill down the details if they so wish.

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Source: Roadmap

After nailing down a foundation, IOHK’s visual designer, Juli Sudi, worked with a community member and graphic designer from Germany to improve the project’s roadmap. Today, they officially launched the newly refreshed roadmap, which is full of new features.

Source: Roadmap

Users now have the ability to explore the lists of developer commits, and even receive notifications when updates are done to the roadmap each month.

Check out the new and improved roadmap here! Brava IOHK design team, brava!

Cardano Updates

You can view all the project’s updates via their roadmap, but Cardano also provides weekly technical reports that give a breakdown of the team’s advancements. This week’s technical report should be released shortly and as you can see above, it’s full of rich updates and information.

At press time, ADA is trading at $0.213 a coin, down –1.56%.


Featured Image: IOHK

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