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For those of us who’ve been involved in the cryptocurrency industry for a while now, the process of switching between different apps to carry out the various stages of our crypto buying and selling operation has become second nature.

We’ve become so used to it that often we don’t even realize the inconvenience it can cause us. 

It’s just how it’s always been, right? 

The Quest to Buy Crypto

While the above may be true, for a crypto newbie who’s just starting on their crypto path, buying crypto can prove daunting.

When the relatively simple question of “how do I buy my first bitcoin?” is answered not by a solution, but by more questions, it could be said that there’s a problem.

Do you have a Bitcoin wallet? What country are you based in? What currency will you be using? You do know that your Bitcoin wallet and Bitcoin exchange need not be the same, right? What do you mean you can’t tell the difference? One is a wallet, and the other is an exchange! Which reminds me, are you looking to store your crypto in a hot or cold wallet? 

Wait, what do you mean you’ll just stick to using “real money?” Hey! Come back!

Do you ever get the feeling that it wasn’t meant to be this way? Blockchain technology was supposed to make our lives easier, not harder. Cryptocurrency is supposed to be the exciting, fresh alternative to traditional currency.

Well, the good news is that things are changing.

A More Streamlined Solution

At the forefront is Coinbase, which is recognized throughout the industry for its platform that keeps everything easy to use and under one roof for the most part.

If you’re merely looking to use fiat currency to purchase some Bitcoin, it’s one of the best solutions out there. There’s also the option of buying some of the other leading cryptocurrencies on the market today, such as Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. 

The platform is safe and secure, and you can even link your Paypal account to Coinbase, allowing for the quick transfer of your native currency when looking to buy or sell crypto.

Some critics of Coinbase think the number of cryptocurrencies available is too low, but if you’re looking to purchase any of the main currencies on the market, you should be fine. If you’re looking to buy a lesser known altcoin, you may have to look elsewhere.

Recently it was announced that Coinbase would be ceasing support for their debit card option, which has disappointed and angered many of its users. No reason has been given, and the cards will stop working in April of this year.

Having access to a physical debit card is a massive part of crypto attaining mainstream acceptance, and removal of this option is undoubtedly a blow, bringing Coinbase users back to the situation where they’re going to need more apps and banking options to manage their cryptocurrencies.

The Hybrid Banking Option Designed for Today

With the aim of making life easier for both investors and participants, the company has gone about developing a simple but advanced platform that not only offers an OTC exchange but will provide users with a physical debit card that can be used in around 40 million contact points throughout the world.

The card will operate multiple currencies, including the Euro, GBP, Swiss franc and more.

Also offering an IBAN bank account, ATRONOCOM is offering clients an entire banking solution under one roof, including a high-security communication messenger application that will boast a connected wallet function.

As crypto heads into 2019, it’s clear that the technology is there to offer something of value to customers. Focusing on providing a service that is easy to use, secure, and will appeal to the masses is the next step for what is still a young industry.

Companies like ATRONOCOM are leading the next generation of providers, offering a hybrid system that features many of the universal benefits of traditional banking, with the added benefits of crypto and blockchain technology.

Featured Image: DepositPhotos/ AndreyPopov

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