Blockchain News: Are We Getting a Blockchain-Based Uber?

blockchain news

Blockchain technology is gaining popularity at a steady rate. In fact, there have been numerous companies, and governments, that have expressed a desire to adopt the technology. This means we see a new piece of blockchain news almost every week. However, things got a little bit more interesting this week, in terms of what blockchain news became “trending” news. 

This week, we have seen the CEO of Funcity announce his plans to utilize blockchain technology and announce what exactly he plans on doing with it. It’s cool, too. Plus, if it works, it’s bound to be a hit. 

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Blockchain News | Blockchain-Based Ride-Sharing App

Over the weekend, at an event following this year’s Guiyang BigData Expo, the CEO of Funcity, Chen Weixing, announced that he is planning to develop a blockchain-based ride-sharing app. Essentially the app, built entirely with blockchain technology, will be similar to Uber. The blockchain-based ride-sharing app will be built alongside Yang Jun. 

With this announcement, there is a lot to look forward too. For starters, Yang Jun is one of China’s largest group discount apps. Then, we have Mr. Weixing: a man who not only has a background in blockchain technology but a passion for it as well. Not to mention, this forthcoming blockchain-based ride-sharing app will be the first time blockchain technology has tested on a social application. At least, the first time being tested on a mass scale. Now, do you see why this is major blockchain news?

Right now, we don’t know details about how the blockchain-based ride-sharing app will work. In due time we will (hopefully) find out which blockchain platform the app will be developed on. It will also be interesting to know how the CEO plans on dealing with various blockchain problems he may encounter along the way. 

The Blockchain News Takeaway

As mentioned, numerous companies are starting to adopt blockchain technology into their corporate models, but it’s when ideas like this get posted that we can really envision the ways in which blockchain technology can be integrated into the real world.

What do you think? Do you want to live in a world fueled by blockchain-based services? Or is that a little too futuristic for the moment?

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