Bitcoin Falls as Mt. Gox Repayment Roils Crypto Market


Prices for major cryptocurrencies, as well as shares of Coinbase Global (NASDAQ:COIN) and MicroStrategy (NASDAQ:MSTR), slumped on Friday as the collapsed crypto exchange Mt. Gox began paying back creditors.

Nobuaki Kobayashi, the trustee for the Mt. Gox bankruptcy estate, announced that the estate has “made repayments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to some of the rehabilitation creditors through a part of the Designated Cryptocurrency Exchanges etc. in accordance with the Rehabilitation Plan.” He noted that other creditors would be “promptly” repaid once certain conditions were met, ensuring that payments could be made “safely and securely.”

Bitcoin and Ether Prices Drop

As of 10:45 a.m. ET Friday, Bitcoin (BTC) was trading around $55,700, down roughly 2.4%. Ether (ETH) was also down about 3.4%. The anticipation of the Mt. Gox news, which Kobayashi indicated last month would occur in July, had already begun to impact the crypto market. The latest announcement sent Bitcoin to its lowest level in five months.

Mt. Gox Hack and Its Aftermath

Mt. Gox was once the world’s largest crypto exchange, handling 70% of Bitcoin transactions at its peak. A hack in 2014, which resulted in the loss of an estimated 740,000 Bitcoin, led to the exchange’s collapse. The ongoing repayments to creditors have continued to create uncertainty in the market.

Impact on Coinbase and MicroStrategy

The repercussions of the Mt. Gox repayments have also been felt by Coinbase and MicroStrategy. Coinbase reported $935 million in revenue from customer crypto trading in the first quarter, double what it was in the fourth quarter. MicroStrategy disclosed in its first-quarter financial report that it owns 214,400 Bitcoin.

As of 10:45 a.m. ET Friday, Coinbase shares were down about 5% to $213.87, while MicroStrategy shares fell more than 6% to $1,220.11. Despite these declines, shares of Coinbase and MicroStrategy have surged about 23% and 93% year-to-date, respectively.

Market Reactions and Future Outlook

The anticipation and realization of the Mt. Gox repayments have created significant volatility in the crypto market. Investors are closely watching how the repayment process will unfold and its potential impact on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The continued distribution of the Mt. Gox estate could lead to further fluctuations in the market.


The Mt. Gox repayment process has significantly impacted the crypto market, causing a notable drop in Bitcoin and Ether prices. Shares of Coinbase and MicroStrategy also experienced declines amid the news. As the repayment process continues, market participants will be keenly observing the developments and their implications for the broader cryptocurrency landscape.

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