UFC/Bellator MMA Fighter Rory MacDonald Now Sponsored by Bitcoin Cash (BCH) & DASH

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - The Legendary French-Canadian MMA fighter, Rory MacDonald, is a big fan of cryptocurrency. MacDonald was first introduced to cryptocurrency by his former coach and has now retained two cryptocurrency sponsors for his matches. He currently holds a strong partnership with Scottsdale, Arizona-based DASH, and says it was one of his reasons for leaving the UFC for Bellator. As shown above, MacDonald fought in Bellator 192's co-main event sporting all DASH gear. The fighter created a campaign for this called 'Dash for the Belt' and secured over $350,000 for the deal. MacDonald committed to wear DASH brand gear before and after his weigh-in and fight. Back in 2014, the UFC and Reebok struck up a deal, which would have never allowed the personal brands to be worn in the octagon or walkouts. The MMA legend believes that DASH and other cryptocurrencies could be huge sponsors for MMA. MacDonald told Forbes back in January: "I think this could be a big disruptor in the MMA market. The scale of partnerships that Dash is able to do compared to other companies when it comes to sponsoring fighters [are a factor]. They have a large budget and if the community supports and if they continue to go after the MMA market, it should be very interesting." Bitcoin Cash (BCH)  Yesterday, the fighter was sporting some new gear in a quick training session he showcased on his Twitter page. He has been a long proponent of both cryptocurrencies, as he tweets about them both almost weekly. Except, it seems MacDonald also seems to be a fan of 'Dr. Craig S Wright' the guy who claims to have created Bitcoin (BTC) - Yikes. You know the guy that Ethereum's co-founder Vitalik Buterin called a fraud? Yeah, him. Regardless, it seems that MacDonald has spread the news about cryptocurrency out to the MMA world and more fighters are now hopping aboard. Notorious Heavyweight fighter, Chael Sonnen is the latest major athlete to announce a shift towards cryptocurrency. We could see other cryptocurrencies' like Litecoin (LTC) in the Bellator Octagon in the future, but for now, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and DASH are the only ones. Featured Image: Canva

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