Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Soon Accepted at Tens-of-Thousands of Retailers in Japan

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Roger Ver, popularly known as the ‘Bitcoin Jesus,’ had an interview with Corbin Fraser recently and announced big news with his project. Ver is currently the ‘face’ of Bitcoin Cash and has been making strong predictions about the coin recently.

In the interview posted above, Ver announces that BCH will be hitting ‘tens of thousands of convenience stores’ within crypto-friendly Japan.

He says:

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“I didn’t post it or talk about it publically yet but we just had a meeting over this week; Bitcoin Cash is coming to tens of thousands of convenient stores in Japan, and you’ll be able to buy anything in the entire convenient store with Bitcoin Cash which means including like paying your electric bill.”

He’s right, most of his announcements come by way of his Twitter profile that holds over 500K followers, but he has yet to tweet about the major announcement with Bitcoin Cash.

The interview then goes into explaining what the original Bitcoin was intended to accomplish and where Bitcoin Cash thinks they can fill the void instead. The ‘hard-fork’ of the original Bitcoin offers larger “blocks” increasing the number of transactions that can be done per second.

Bitcoin has not switched from being used to for payments, due to its high transaction fees, to becoming more of a ‘store value.’

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Not So Fast Mr. Ver

It seems the BCH enthusiasts isn’t loved by all and there seem to be discrepancies behind his latest statements. One twitter use responded to his latest tweet by saying:

Another chirped in by saying:

While these new stores in Japan have yet to be formally announced, it raises some major red flags his former statements are now contradicting one another. Can he be trusted? We will see when the list of these ‘convenience stores’ finally surfaces.

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