Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is Running Without 13% of its Nodes

Bitcoin Cash [BCH]
Back on May 15th, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] controversially hard-forked its network; unfortunately, has yet to regain all of its nodes in the process. The website Cash Coin Dance keeps track of the nodes running the Bitcoin Cash network and has found that 13% of Bitcoin Cash nodes have yet to move over to the newly upgraded network. >> Tron & Bitcoin Cash Price Constant Controversy There was heated controversy around the hard fork, and it seems now long-after the upgrade has been completed it is still present. One Twitter follower said: Another Twitter member echoed the same response by saying: Still, there are some strong proponents of Bitcoin Cash and its upgrades. Another individual who runs a Bitcoin Cash node replied to the Twitter post by saying: What happened to the 13% of the nodes, and if this is actually an issue - is still unknown at this time. The system seems to be running fine without the remaining 13%, but I'll leave that argument to the crypto enthusiasts. Still, BCH has suffered in price this past month dropping almost -30%. Upside ahead? We shall see. Featured Image: Unsplash

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