Binance Donates $1M to Japan Earthquake Relief: You Can Help Too!

Binance donates to Japan disaster relief

Binance Donates to Japan Disaster Relief: Japan is prone to natural disasters. Located along the world’s most active earthquake belt, the country’s seen everything from earthquakes to mudslides.

The latest Japanese natural disaster occurred this weekend. On the night of July 7, a 6.0 earthquake hit Japan.

No tsunami warning was issued, but the aftermath of the latest Japan earthquake is becoming dire. As a result, crypto exchange Binance has stepped in to help. 

Binance Donates to Japan Disaster Relief 

Since last Thursday, Japan has experienced heavy rainfall, sparking deadly landslides and floods. Then, on Saturday, the 6.0 earthquake occurred; the time was around 9 p.m. 

With over 60 dead from the floods, Binance has called on the crypto community to help in the Japan disaster relief initiative. Binance itself has pledged $1M for the victims. 

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In an official post, Binance announced the $1M donation, as well as calling on “crypto friends and partners” to join them. Instructions were provided to those who would like to donate to the Japan disaster relief. 

Binance Donates to Japan Disaster Relief: CEO Speaks Out

The CEO of Binance also shared the news on Twitter. There, Changpeng Zhao once again called on Binance’s crypto partners to join them “and help our friends in need.” 

Cryptocurrency Donations: Do They Make a Difference?

It wouldn’t be the first time cryptocurrencies were put towards aiding natural disasters or donated for charitable organizations. 

The Freedom of the Press Foundation, for instance, now accepts virtual currencies as donations.

Meanwhile, Ripple is known for making donations, either in dollars or XRP. It donated nearly $30M in XRP to DonorsChoose, $4M to the Ellen DeGeneres WildLife Fund and $50M to Universities for more blockchain adoption. 

The Takeaway

Binance donates to Japan disaster relief, and this is something many other financial institutions should do.

My recommendation is that if you have cryptocurrencies to spare, you should take Binance up on its offer, and donate to the Japan disaster relief. The country has been through enough, and according to the weather forecast, more is to come.

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