Ripple (XRP) Announces Former President Bill Clinton as Keynote Speaker and Crypto Investors Aren’t Impressed

Bill Clinton is speaking at the Ripple Swell conference

Ripple (XRP) just made a major announcement on its Twitter page yesterday that has the crypto community buzzing. It seems that former US President Bill Clinton is speaking at the Ripple Swell conference in early-October.

Bill Clinton is Speaking at the Ripple Swell Conference

What Bill Clinton has to do with blockchain and cryptocurrency is not immediately clear, but it must be enough to put his face all over social media. The Swell conference will be held in San Francisco on October 1st.

However, most of the crypto community seems highly unimpressed with Ripple Labs’ choice of a keynote speaker this year.


The following tweet sums up many people’s sentiments:

Another commented said:

It really just keeps going…

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first time Ripple has used high-profile individuals to headline its events, but I don’t think the company expected the reaction it has received from its latest announcement.

The company received way more kudos when Snoop Dogg hit the stage at the Ripple Charity event—even though his performance had nothing to do with crypto. Coincidentally enough, the rapper/singer didn’t even get paid in XRP.

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