Is Berlin a Blockchain Hotspot? Ethereum’s Joseph Lubin Thinks So

Berlin blockchain development
More and more countries, cities, and states are adopting blockchain technology. Malta already has, and so has Colorado—and for good reasons, too. Many have said that blockchain will one day surpass crypto, being the brains behind the operation. Until then, areas in the world are going to keep exploring the technology. This week, we saw Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, talk about the Berlin blockchain development. Not only that, but he called Germany's capital "the most important city" in the blockchain industry. But why?

Joseph Lubin Talks Blockchain

Blockchain may still be in its infancy, according to Lubin, but that doesn't mean cities in the world aren't moving the technology forward. Berlin certainly is, though Lubin argues the government could still "set up more programs to promote" the technology. Aside from that, Berlin has all the qualities that make it an important city "in the blockchain cosmos." In an interview, published on July 25th by Cointelegraph auf Deutsch, the Ethereum co-founder and pal of Vitalik Buterin announced three reasons as to why this Berlin blockchain development should be in the back of industry leaders' minds. First, there's the infrastructure. Second, the city has a tremendous amount of talent, which leads us to Lubin's third point: there are tons of programmers in the city, each with a tremendous amount of talent.

Blockchain in the Future

Some people are fans of blockchain and blockchain alone, while others are interested in both the technology and cryptocurrencies. Joseph Lubin is not one of the latter, but he does say that an interest in cryptocurrencies is not a bad thing. If anything, Lubin says, it will help blockchain progress and bring money to the marketplace. As far as Lubin goes, he's going to stick to blockchain and focus on the development of the Web 3.0, which is essentially the next stage of the World Wide Web. Right now, the Internet, according to Lubin, doesn't allow users to control their data, and in his eyes and many others', this is not OK. Moving forward, settling cross-border payments at a quicker rate will be a priority for Lubin. Whether he snags some developers from Berlin to help him accomplish this goal is unclear, but it sounds like he's keeping an eye on areas in the world that are progressing at the same rate as him. So good for you, Berlin!

The Takeaway

We often see headlines regarding the work that Malta and Colorado have done in the blockchain industry, but do you agree with Joseph Lubin? Can the Berlin blockchain development surpass the work of its rivals? >> Crypto Daily News: Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Market Thrive; MetaMask Pulled from Google Chrome Store Featured Image: Depositphotos/© unkreatives

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