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The future of currency could very well be in the form of cryptocurrency, and because of that, the cryptosphere is heating up. Many recognize this, which means there’s competition in the industry. Specifically, competition between the various crypto-trading platforms; and finding a trustworthy crypto trading platform is essential, so it’s important to know which ones you can trust.

If you’re looking at AI-powered trading platforms, there are many to choose from. However, not every platform has the competitive edge that Autonio has. Autonio is AI-powered, and it aims to be a self-learning trading platform. It’s different from its competitors, and below, in this comprehensive review on Autonio, you’ll understand why. 

Autonio Review 

Autonio is a decentralized, artificial intelligence crypto trading platform. It is known for using knowledge amassed from Wall Street traders, and it prides itself on being the first decentralized trading system with the goal of “disrupting the status quo.” 

AI-powered crypto trading bots are popular, particularly because digital currencies are fitting for automated trading, but Autonio is different from its rivals as it emerged on the scene with the goal of offering investors (regardless of their level and skill) a chance to collect the rewards of cryptocurrency trading. 

What is Autonio and What Does it Do?

Autonio is an AI-powered trading robot. It is built on PHP, JavaScript, and Ethereum smart contacts. The robot focuses on analyzing crypto trends and does so by using market indicators. Autonio works with more than one indicator, such as the Relative Strength Index, Bollinger Bands, Ultimate Oscillator, and EMA crossovers. After the robot analyzes the cryptocurrency trends, it takes this information and uses it to create buy/sell signals. Once that step is complete, the robot executes trades.

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Users start by linking the app to their exchange of choice. This can be done through the specific API linked to it. Next, an individual is required to pay a registration fee and a monthly subscription fee ($50). Once that is done, the application gets unlocked. Then, users can move forward with backtesting various indicators. Note that Autonio developers encourage users to try a combination of indicators. 

Autonio Involves the User 

Autonio is a trading platform that heavily involves the user. For instance, when executing trades, the robot will do so in as high of a frequency as the user requests. Further, users are able to personalize trading strategies, as well as optimize them. They can do this by integrating various indicators to exaggerate returns. Users can also share their artificial intelligence optimizations by using NIO coins, all of which are protected through smart contracts. There is a leaderboard, and the AI optimizations that are the most profitable will be featured there. The leaderboard – called the “Official NIO Trading Championship Leaderboard” – is there to encourage competition between various trading system developers. After all, a little competition never hurt anybody. In fact, sometimes it inspires innovation. 

Autonio users can also backtest their trading strategies. This is a helpful feature if that user is looking to see how successful their trading strategy would have been had it been in previous markets. Moreover, one of Autonio’s goals is to bring mediocre crypto traders to its platform. The team wants these traders to feel that they can trade alongside professionals without feeling uncomfortable or intimated when doing so.

Buying and Selling Trading Strategies 

With Autonio, users are able to both buy and sell their trading strategies. Not only that, but users can sell and trade their consultation time.

The link below serves as a guide to Autonio: 

Using Autonio

Exchanges Autonio Can Be Used With 

As of right now, Autonio can be used with the following exchanges: Kraken, Bittrex, QuadrigaCX, Bitfinex, and Bitstamp. 

Services Available 

Right now, Autonio is available as a desktop application for the following services: Windows, Linux, and IOS. For Android users, there is a mobile application for Autonio.

What Makes Autonio Different?

Mentioned briefly, we have seen a number of AI crypto trading robots emerge on the scene over the last few years. That hasn’t affected Autonio all that much thanks to its competitive edge. Essentially, Autonio is different from its rivals because it is a GUI that does not ask for trading or coding experience. For perspective, most automated crypto trading platforms today require a user to have coding experience and require the user to write scripts.

Pros of Autonio 

Autonio isn’t popular just because it has an edge on its rivals, or because it emerged on the scene with a goal never attempted before. Autonio has numerous pros. Here are five.

  • Autonio is an easy-to-use GUI with loads of features
  • It does not require coding or trading experience
  • The user is in control 
  • It allows average or inexperienced crypto traders to be apart of a service that Wall Street traders use
  • Users pay a mere $50 monthly subscription fee 
  • A user can trade over a dozen coin pairs, all of which can be traded on the major crypto exchanges 
  • A user can stay away from costly and emotional trades 

The Takeaway

Autonio has a few things in the works, so it’s likely the crypto trading platform will only continue to go up from here. 

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