Neon Exchange
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Neon-Exchange (NEX) – What is It?
Neon Exchange (NEX) is a decentralized exchange that makes use of an off-chain matching engine which enables it to compute more complex trades in unit time. NEX can handle a … Read
Kyber Network
Exchanges 101
What is Kyber Network?
Kyber Network is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that allows for the instantaneous exchange and conversion of digital assets, like cryptocurrency tokens and popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users do not … Read
ERC-20 Wallets
What is ERC-20?
Before discussing ERC-20 wallets, let’s quickly discuss ERC-20. A token can generally represent any asset that has a value attached to it. In this case, we are talking about tokens which represent a … Read
XBT and BTC – How Were these Acronyms Adopted?
XBT or Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Satoshi Nakamoto did not specify any abbreviation for Bitcoin and BC was the acronym originally adopted. Exchanges … Read
Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, and its first block was mined in 2009. It was invented to replace traditional currencies which require the approval of a bank for transactions to be made. Bitcoin … Read
What is Volatility?
Volatility Definition-Volatility refers to the fluctuating price of an item over a certain period of time. An item may experience certain highs and lows during this period. The greater the difference between the … Read
What is AirSwap?
AirSwap is an exchange for ERC-20 tokens. It is decentralized in nature and makes use of both on-chain and off-chain protocols. The decentralized nature of the exchange means that each transaction is moderated … Read
Gemini Review 2018
Exchanges 101
Gemini is a popular crypto exchange. It allows users to send, receive and store cryptocurrency. Here is our 2018 Gemini Exchange review!
Gemini is considered to be one of the safest exchanges as all its … Read
What is Satoshi?
It is the smallest unit of a Bitcoin and is one hundred millionth the value of a Bitcoin. The advent of cryptocurrency has led to an avalanche of change. Long gone are the … Read
Coinbase Alternative
Exchanges 101
Looking for a Coinbase alternative? In order to trade in cryptocurrency, you need to use an exchange. There are an array of exchanges out there, each one with a different operating environment and various features. … Read