Ripple(XRP), Cardano(ADA), & IOTA Climb – What’s New?

Ripple (XRP)

The cryptocurrency market is rebounding today after being predominantly in the red yesterday. Presently, the market is sitting above $330 billion and Ripple(XRP), Cardano(ADA), and IOTA(MIOTA) are in the green and climbing. Bitcoin(BTC) is trading over the $8,100 mark and Ethereum(ETH) is sitting just above $510.

Ripple (XRP)

A few days ago, an announcement was made about Ripple launching an app with Spain’s largest bank, Banco Santander. This new app is called OnePay FX and it uses Ripple’s underlying blockchain technology to process transfers between the United States and Europe. Presently, the app isn’t transferring XRP but is processing fiat.

Executive chairman of Banco Santander, Ana Botin, made a statement about the agreement saying:

“One Pay FX uses blockchain-based technology to provide a fast, simple and secure way to transfer money internationally—offering value, transparency, and the trust and service customers expect from a bank like Santander. Transfers to Europe can be made on the same day and we are aiming to deliver instant transfers across several markets by the summer.”

Ripple’s technology is designed to be adopted by major financial institutions and the hope is that major banks around the world will eventually adopt XRP as the currency for transfer. Adoption of the Ripple system is ultimately what gives XRP value. Presently, Ripple’s tech is being tested in pilot projects around the globe including Standard Chartered in the UK and UBS out of Switzerland.

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At press time, XRP is trading at $0.671 a coin, up 3.97%, in 24 hours.

Cardano (ADA)

Ripple (XRP)

Source: CoinMarketCap

Two days ago, Cardano’s founder announced ADA’s listing on Huobi and its price took a major spike. While there are no new updates on the progress of Cardano, you can always check their roadmap to stay up-to-date on the developer’s progress.

It seems the Cardano stealing Dan Larimer’s DPoS have begun resurfacing again. Not sure when this will be put to rest but Charles Hoskinson is clearly not having any of it – the feud lives on.

ADA is currently trading for $0.253 a coin, up 5.88%, in 24 hours.


The latest breaking news coming from the IOTA foundation is that they’ve just released a new website.

Also, they added a new member to their team, Eric Hop. Not much going on with Tangle or IOTA but its coin is doing well on the market today.

MIOTA is currently trading at $1.63 a coin, up 5.12%, in 24 hours.

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