More Details on Dash and Mobile Wallet Paycent

Paycent mobile wallet
People are now able to send DASH to mobile numbers in over 200 countries with the Paycent mobile app.

Paycent and DASH

DASH was made available on Paycent, a hybrid mobile wallet, and a subsidiary of the Singapore-based company Texcent, earlier this month. Other cryptocurrencies that are available through Paycent are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). In a recent interview with Mark Mason,  Karen Hsu, the Head of Growth at, provided additional information into the app and how DASH became a part of the system. Blockcypher is a blockchain web services provider for DASH and, according to Hsu, is meant to make it easier "for any company to integrate with the DASH network." The company was able to reach out to Texcent, who also have offices in Dubai and the Philippines, and ask if they had considered DASH and were able to meet with Texcent at a conference in Singapore, where Hsu says that they were able to show a physical presence of DASH, to be seen as more than "just an entity." >>Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DASH, & VeChain (VEN) Price Jump – Big Partnerships Hsu has said, "in Dubai, as in a lot of other places, Bitcoin and Ethereum are more dominant right now," so they asked if Texcent had considered DASH.  According to Hsu, DASH has faster confirmation times and lower fees and, "given Blockcypher's relationship with DASH, [they] know that DASH is uniquely designed for a number of use cases...that [Texcent] [hasn't] covered yet in those regions." Paycent is able to transfer DASH into fiat and vice versa for a zero transaction fee. Banking methods that are supported for fiat transfers by Paycent include UnionPay, AliPay, WeChat Pay, Visa and Mastercard, according to the Paycent website. >>Litecoin News: LTC Being Added to Wallet and dApp Browser Toshi You can also download all or selected numbers stored in the contact list on your device and into Paycent. Physical Paycent cards also exist, but are currently unavailable for users in the US, although Hsu has said that they would be available soon. Until that time, the mobile wallet is said to work just as well. Currently, the cost of a card and card delivery is $140 USD, as it also covers certain costs for the company. With a physical card, you must first convert fiat or DASH in the app before using it, but Hsu believes that in future the conversion could be done at the point of sale. Paycent is available for free for Android on the GooglePlay store and for Apple on the iOS app store. >>JP Morgan Creates and Appoints Strategic Director of Crypto Assets

Social Media Response

Social media posts are mainly geared toward the Paycent app, but are mostly positive.

DASH Price Update

DASH is trading at approximately $394.73 USD, up nearly 0.53%, within the last 24 hours and at a 24-hour trading volume of almost $130 million.  
Paycent mobile wallet
Source: CoinMarketCap
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