VeChain Thor [VEN] [VET] Public Beta Launch – New Development Plan & Whitepaper

VeChain Thor

VeChain Thor [VEN] [VET] – The VeChain Foundation unveiled a few days ago, a new development plan and whitepaper for its project.

This new development plan is centered around four key obstacles that the foundation feels must be overcome in order for widespread adoption of cryptocurrency to occur. VeChain’s project focuses specifically on the enterprise sector and the new unveiling showcases their plan for attack.

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The four obstacles that the VeChain foundation feels can be drastically improved from other blockchain projects on the market is – regulation, compliance capabilities, a proper governance model, and efficient economic models.

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Public Alpha

The VeChain Thor internal alpha is currently in the works with various third-party code auditors and cybersecurity personnel steadily analyzing the VeChain ecosystem’s code.

The public beta is set to launch in early June. The VeChain Foundation is giving 100 public testers a bounty reward for identifying issues within the code.

VeChain’s new whitepaper gives its investors a deep insight into their vision for the project and the way in which they plan to achieve it. According to the latest release, VeChain’s development team is focused primarily on more effective business models for blockchain.

The public beta test is a step in the right direction and should give long-time VeChain enthusiasts something to be excited about.

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