Tron [TRX] Super Election & Tron Dogs Upgrade

Tron [TRX] Super Election
Tron [TRX] has been ramping up lately, as the days are ticking down to May 31st when Tron's main net is set to launch. Nearly two weeks ago, the Tron Foundation initiated their test net and TRX jumped nearly 50% in price just a few days later when the coin got listed on the exchanges UPbit and Bithumb. The Tron Foundation had 2,500 nodes running in 31 different countries around the world, in just a weeks time - impressive. While the main net should launch on May 31st, it isn't fully expected to be completed until June 21st, 2018. At that time, Tron will shed its past identity as an ERC20 token and will switch to its own blockchain with its TRX token underlying the entire project.

Tron [TRX] Super Election

Just a few hours ago, Tron's notorious leader, Justin Sun, tweeted about Tron's first Super Representative Election. On June 26th, 2017 the Tron Foundation will hold an election to chose 27 individuals to represent the one million plus Tron supporters. These representatives will be responsible for providing calculation and validation for the Tron network and will represent the people and play a crucial role in Tron's future governance structure. Also on said date, Tron's Exodus phase will conclude and will begin developing its Odyssey phase. Sun states that the Tron dev team is six months ahead of the original schedule and this means the Tron community and Tron Foundation can now come together to "govern" the Tron network. Sun addressed the issue of governance of blockchains by saying: "I have always believed deeply in the values of sovereignty of the people and natural rights of the people. In the cryptocurrency world, we're talking about the sovereignty of the token; the natural rights of the token! Each token is of vital importance, as they are the keys to decentralizing network power. Unfortunately, Bitcoin and Ethereum have not upheld these values. In their systems, miners, founders, and developer teams hold much of the power. Token holders do not have any governance rights." While Sun doesn't say how a person can enter the election per-se, he does call on every Tron supporter to contribute to the Tron protocol by participating and voting in the election. At press time, TRX is trading at $0.0385 a coin, up 6.59%, in 24 hours. >> Coins to Buy: EOS, ADA, TRX Tron Dogs  While Tron Dogs is still in its Beta stage and not even halfway fully developed, new changes are being made to the game much more frequently. Two days ago, tweeted about their Epic Tron Dogs buying limits. It seems the team behind the project are really listening to their players feedback on the development of the game, after the whole breeding charges controversy. The daily buying limits for the Legend dogs are still at 5. The team is hoping to prevent bots from entering the game and allowing active players maximize their efforts. Unfortunately, it seems that the Tron Dogs game is suffering from bots still. Hopefully, as the team at continues to build out the bigger features of the game, they can solve the bot issue. >> Tron Dogs ( 'Happy' CEO interview Featured Image: Canva

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