Icon (ICX) and NEO: Altcoins Increasing, But Why?

Icon (ICX)

Coins on the crypto markets are seeing both red and green today. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ripple (XRP) are in the red zone, while Icon (ICX) and NEO have moved into green territory.

The latter coins are what we are going to focus on today. 

Icon (ICX)

Icon (ICX) is making waves in the market today, as well as the overall crypto and blockchain space. The coin is currently selling for $3.83, which puts Icon (ICX) up 10.64% in the past twenty-four hours. 

Icon (ICX)

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Source: CoinMarketCap

So what caused Icon (ICX) to be up more than 10% in the past twenty-four hours? Well, it’s likely the jump was caused by the news circulating around that the Icon Foundation is rolling out a blockchain incubator. The blockchain incubator is reportedly named Deblock. Reports have stated that the blockchain incubator – Deblock – will run on the network. Essentially, Deblock will act as a way for users to pitch their projects through the blockchain incubator. 


NEO is also seeing green this Monday morning. The coin is currently selling for $76.42, which puts NEO up 0.67% in the past twenty-four hours. It may not be as much of an increase as Icon (ICX), but NEO is still having a better day than Bitcoin (BTC) (down 0.34%), Ripple (down 1.93%), and Stellar (down 1.91%). 

Icon (ICX)

Source: CoinMarketCap

The latest in the NEO universe is that on Saturday, a decentralized exchange, one that has been built on the NEO blockchain, announced that there will be a Smart Economy Expo held in Brussels, Belgium on May 2nd through to May 4th. The decentralized exchange is NeonExchange (NEX). This announcement likely allowed NEO to jump today, as the expo is backed by developers working on NEO. 

Meanwhile, NEO is still on its European tour, having kicked off on April 14 in Amsterdam. NEO will be in Vienna tomorrow, and then Zurich on April 26. 

The Icon (ICX) and NEO Takeaway

Are you pleased with the performance of Icon (ICX) and NEO today? Or were you expecting a different result on the crypto markets today? Let me know below! 

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