MMA Superstar Rory MacDonald Supports Bitcoin Cash

Rory MacDonald Supports Bitcoin Cash
Rory MacDonald Supports Bitcoin Cash: The tug-of-war between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) lovers has escalated even more since the BCH network upgraded from 8M to 32MB. Bitcoin Cash investors are claiming that the BCH network is the only network complying with the peer-to-peer electronic cash system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. Jumping into the tug of war is MMA superstar Rory Macdonald, who stands on the Bitcoin cash side, saying: "Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is the real Bitcoin." Rory MacDonald Supports Bitcoin Cash

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Although he didn't explicitly explain his arguments, he still claims that Bitcoin Cash is the original form of Bitcoin. Market participants, however, refuted his claim; they are considering the superstar's favoritism as merely a promotional campaign from the management. Rory MacDonald Supports Bitcoin Cash

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Traders and investors on Twitter are criticizing MMA superstar Rory Macdonald on his claim. The majority of them believe that Rory Macdonald doesn't have any knowledge about the cryptocurrency market. However, his comments have intensified the debate over which one of these two versions is the original and therefore, worth buying. Previously Roger Ver and several other cryptocurrency experts supported Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin. They claim that the Bitcoin Cash network offers better transaction times and fees than Bitcoin, expecting BCH to replace BTC from the market-dominating position. Rory MacDonald Supports Bitcoin Cash

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Roger Ver is also an active supporter of Bitcoin Cash. The Bitcoin expert stated: "The economic path that Bitcoin Cash is on is the one that led to Bitcoin's original success," Ver said. "I'm incredibly bullish on Bitcoin Cash for the same reasons I was bullish on Bitcoin back in 2011." Bitcoin Cash price, on the other hand, has created substantial price movements amid speculations and recent network developments. Its price has hit the $1,800 level early in May. The BCH coin, however, retreated to the $1,000 level due to the broader market selloff.  The debate is not over yet, and both networks are making new upgrades to beat the competition. Featured Image: Depositphotos/© Ivantsov

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