Edgar Allan Poe and ‘The Raven’ Inspired the Qravity Blockchain Platform

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Edgar Allan Poe, as a writer and poet influenced both American literature and international literature. As a struggling artist (one who never really profited off of his work), Poe influenced one man, hundreds of years after his death, to create the Qravity blockchain platform. The goal of the blockchain platform?  To not only allow creators to own their content but to profit from it as well. Something which Edgar Allan Poe was never fortunate enough to do. 

Edgar Allan Poe and the Qravity Blockchain Platform

In 1845, the New York Evening Mirror published Poe's poem "The Raven," turning the writer into an overnight sensation. To this day The Raven is still considered to be one of Poe's most famous pieces of work. Despite that, Poe only netted a small amount of money for the literary masterpiece.  This financial distress is what inspired David Brandstaetter — an Austrian producer, to create his company Qravity. When he learned that Poe never received fair compensation for The Raven, Brandstaetter realized that many creators probably go through similar struggles, in terms of fair payment and copyright infringement.  This realization led to the 2016 creation of Qravity. Originally, Qravity just started as a company that could help bring original pieces of work to the market. Then, the team at Qravity realized that they could take their business and advance it by integrating blockchain technology into it.  When asked how the Qravity blockchain platform first emerged on the scene, Mr. Brandstaetter said: “I was speaking with my friend and business partner Sascha Dennstedt about Poe and how, in some ways, little has changed financially for artists. He said that we should integrate blockchain into Qravity. Some research convinced me that this made perfect sense.”

The Company

We've seen blockchain integrated into various sectors before, but Qravity is definitely one of the first companies to use a decentralized platform to help content creators receive fair compensation for their work. Built on the Blockchain of Ethereum, the Qravity blockchain platform allows artists and creators to accrue profits. On the platform, individuals can directly purchase something from an artist, and the original content will benefit the creator without it having to go through a third-party. To learn more about Qravity and how it works, check out the company's website. >>Microsoft Bought GitHub | Should Monero (XMR) Stay or Should it Go?

The Takeaway

Did you know that the Qravity blockchain platform was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe? Isn't that interesting? A man who, if he came back to life in 2018, wouldn't even be able to comprehend what blockchain technology is; and yet, he is the sole inspiration behind a blockchain-based platform. Strange how the world works, isn't it?
"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before"
- The Raven, 1845
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